That Time Again

Roasted1 Roasted2Thanksgiving is almost here!  I spent a good while in my kitchen today roasting vegetables.  Tomorrow I’m making pies, assembling the stuffing and brining the turkey.  Tomorrow’s dinner is pizza.   🙂

Just One More


There was nothing better to grab at breakfast than some of the incredible fresh Mediterranean fruits and a slice of salty cured meat.


A small section of the seafood buffet.


Local cheeses purchased by our chef while in port, accompanied by dried fruit.


Surf and turf from the ‘reservations only but no additional charge’ specialty restaurant on board. We ate there three times.


Caviar and champagne delivered to our suite as an appetizer before dinner.


These two coconut desserts we found on the buffet were the best I’ve had in a very long time.


Chateaubriand with bernaise sauce so tender you didn’t even need a knife to cut it. Best I’ve ever had.

Room Service

Yep, we ordered this from room service. Kettle chips and champagne for movie night in our cabin.

One last post from our vacation.  Now that we’re home and watching what we eat it’s nice to recall what all we got to eat on our big adventure.  We can’t wait to go back!

An Ancient Place


We visited Ephesus, Turkey on an excursion. It’s an ancient city built in the 10th century BC and was the home of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Ephesus was the honeymoon location of Marc Antony and Cleopatra.


There were kitties roaming throughout the ruins. Just charming.


Only an estimated 15% of the site has been excavated. This is a stone carving of the goddess Nike.


The day was just gorgeous. Our guide said she’d never seen the site as uncrowded as the day we visited.


The pubic men’s toilets. The women’s room hasn’t yet been found.


The Ephesus Terrace Houses were the ‘do not miss’ of our entire trip. An active excavation of (so far) six houses of the rich dating back to 1 BC. The entire site is protected within a fiberglass building and features frescoes, beautiful mosaic floors, marble walls and a heating system.


It’s an active archaeological dig.


Our tour of Ephesus ended in the great theater, which could hold 25,000 spectators.


Our ship bused us all back to Ephesus after dinner that evening to enjoy a chamber music concert in front of the great theater.



We spent Brian’s birthday in Mykonos, which seemed to us to be the port that most matched our expectation of Greece the most. Just charming.


We spent the day wandering the town, winding through the streets until we reached the windmills which were built by the Venetians in the 16th century and were primarily used to mill wheat.


The island’s mascot is Petros the pelican. I took about a million photos of him.


And look! He had a kitty friend!


For dinner that evening, I asked the chef to prepare Brian’s favorite dishes of the cruise so far and he kindly obliged. This was waiting in the cabin for us after dinner. It was a very good day.



We visited Calvi Corsica, the supposed birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Actually, one of four supposed birthplaces of Christopher Columbus.  This is a view from our suite’s balcony from where we were anchored.


A view from the port. Most every place we visited looked very similar. Yachts, sailboats and fishing boats galore. For the most part, the largest yachts were found in Monte Carlo. Most of them had jacuzzis and a few even had helicopters(!)


I just love this photo. We ran into lots of free roaming pets on this trip. This pup was visiting a seaside bistro at the time.


While walking around the port towns, we occasionally stopped for free WiFi and a cappuccino. This little bistro in Corsica is typical of those stops. Just charming.


As we were leaving the ship to explore Calvi a fellow guest asked if we were knife shopping.  He told us the locals use knives to kill each other, which we thought was a strange statement. Sure enough, there were knives everywhere. I can’t imagine trying to take one back to the ship. Our shopping with the chef excursion was delayed about 10 minutes because one of the shops gave us each a cheese knife to take home. Security had to figure out if they wanted all those 1.5 inch blades on board. We of course were allowed to keep them, as long as they went directly into our suitcases.

Our Best Day


Symi, Greece was delightful. Once again we docked just off of the harbor and took the lifeboats to shore. We opted out of the offered excursion and just strolled around the gorgeous little town instead.


The weather was perfection for late October. It was 76 degrees with clear skies.


So tempting…


Tiny fish hung near the yachts anchored there. The sea was crystal clear.


Back on board for a lunch buffet of Greek delicacies. We heard some commotion in the water at the back of the ship and realized we had missed the announcement that our captain decided to open the marina on the back of our ship and offer us water sports that afternoon.


There were sailboats, paddleboats and all sorts of fun things to do. We opted for an inflatable couch pulled behind a speedboat. They took us a few times around the ship, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. 🙂



The afternoon ended with a cocktail tasting arranged by the ship’s Bar Manager just for the two of us. We each now have new favorite cocktails, and know exactly how to make them at home. 



A visit to Malta marked the halfway point of our cruise. This photo was taken from our favorite table at the collonnade restaurant as we sailed by. Is it any surprise why we loved it there so much?



Troy Our most uncomfortable excursion was in Gozo. We took a 5 hour 4×4 tour of the island. Sounds fun, right? We sat in the back of these open aired vehicles with absolutely no suspension. It was freezing that day. There was no step to help you get into the back so you had to crawl in and out. The woman who rode in the back with us had just turned 80 years old. I called it our prison jeep.  It took us to one of the locations where the movie Troy was filmed.


Prison jeep also took us to the Azure Window, which was gorgeous. This tour was our second choice. The boat trip to the Blue Lagoon was cancelled due to heavy seas, dang it.


We ended the tour in a very interesting location, the salt pans. It was difficult to get to, we had to ‘mind the branches’ as we drove the narrow dirt road being pelted by local vegetation in the back of prison jeep. In salt pans, the sea water is unable to drain into the ground so it evaporates, leaving behind sea salt. We brought some home with us.

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