Beatrice’s Lamb

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Beatrice had her lamb on Friday.  A little purebred texel ewe.  We’ll add her to our breeding stock.  Isn’t she a cutie?  Not sure what we’ll call her yet.  I’d consider Eugenie (as in British princesses Beatrice and Eugenie) if I only knew how to pronounce it!   Does anyone know?   Maybe we’ll stick with something British, like Victoria?


George… Clean

My daughter Tracy said he looked like he rolled around in a hot dog cart the day he was born.  He cleans up nicely, doesn’t he?!  So handsome.

Snowy Spring

Originally, I planned to work in our in-ground garden bed today but it was snowing when we woke up this morning.  I refuse to dig in the ground while it’s snowing…. I spent a few hours in the greenhouse potting up tomatoes instead.  We need more pots!

Our Own Compost

Composted manure from our barn also went onto our garden bed this week, along with the four tons of commercial compost.  We once had a cow named Professor Thistle Cobblebottom who contributed greatly to this project.  She hogged the hay from the sheep and goats and was very annoying… and delicious.

Water Cat

Bindi is drawn towards anything with water in it.  She waits for the shower to turn off so she can lick the drain.  At least she waits!

Four Tons of Compost

Tha’ts what we had delivered yesterday from a food waste composting service.  They collect compostable scraps from grocery stores, restaurants, schools & hotels and process it for 8-10 months at their facility.  It arrives as perfect 7 pH black gold.  We used to purchase soil amendments from garden centers in bags.  Never again.  Even with the $1/mile one way delivery charge it was a good deal and a gorgeous product.  We’ve already got our raised beds amended and huge containers of it stored in the greenhouse.  We’ve got other beds around the house and in the back yard that will get some.  Thank goodness we have a tractor.  The remainder will be worked into the bed we had it dumped onto.  It was our potato bed last year and I have just received some beautiful seed potatoes in the mail.  But we’ve already expanded it beyond the size we had it last year and I’m hankering to plant some other stuff.  Could this possibly be the year I get a pumpkin??

P.S. Those three beds full of green in the foreground contain the garlic we planted last October.  Yum.


Mina’s Twins

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Mina’s twins are less than a week old and getting big fast.  They stick to her like glue.  It’s been warm these last few days.  She takes them on the far side of the pasture where there are big shade trees.  It means we have to go all the way over there when it’s feeding time in the late afternoon.  We just scoop them up.  They’re soft like puppies and don’t seem to mind being handled.  She happily follows.

Welcome George!

Today was a first.  We pulled a lamb this morning.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  Savannah pushed and pushed until she was exhausted so we put on surgical gloves and went in after him.  He’s a strong one.  He was up on his feet before his mama was.  We gave her a few shots and some calcium gel and she’s up and on the mend.  Now that we’ve done it once, we’ll be able to easily do it again.  But are hoping we don’t have to!

Tracy – You Need a New Toothbrush, Too

Bindi got into the upstairs bathroom again and procured the remaining toothbrush from the holder.  We decided to let her have this one, hoping to spare ours if she ever clamps her eye on them in the master bath.  She also procured a mousetrap (with a mouse) that we searched for days to find.  Bad kitty.

Octomom’s Kids

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Mina finally delivered.  Despite her huge girth, she really and truly only had two in there.  A buckling and a doeling, born on St. Patrick’s Day.  Jenna is fascinated by all of our farm babies, particularly the white ones.  I think she’s trying to figure out if they’re sheep or not.  They’re doing fantastic.  We’ve got them moved to the big pasture where they’re running amok with the other babies, while keeping Mom in close range.   We think we’ve got one more doe left to kid, and four more ewes left to lamb.

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