Butter Cookie Art

Gorgeous and delicious!  As promised, here is a photo of some of my farmer’s market space partner’s goods.  She’s an enormously talented artist and baker.  Her confections are very well received in our small town.  She’s been selling out of her decorated cookies, chocolate chip cookies and lemon ginger scones  and is adding cupcakes next week.  Stop by some Friday morning, you’ll be glad you did!

Will You Be Watching the Royal Wedding Today?

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Hermione will.  She’s got her fancy hat and is planning strawberries and cream for breakfast.  Won’t you join us?

Petting Zoo

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Visiting the farm always includes helping with chores.  After everyone is checked on, fed, watered & milked, it’s snuggle time.  Our animals are so very mistreated.  😉


Tracy and Claire were both home for a visit this past weekend, a special treat for these empty nesters.

A Misplaced Nest

Purchasing the place next door has kept us busy.  Farm and garden chores are starting to take more time in the day with the nice weather settling in.  We’ve got both of our daughters visiting us this weekend, which is awesome!  This is a lovely time of year for a visit to the farm, we’re swimming in lambs and kids.  My Mom will be coming in a bit, followed by my Dad.  After I picked up Tracy at the airport, we went shopping a bit in the ‘big city’.  One little plaza had an angry goose policing the parking area.  As it turns out, his partner had selected the tiny parking island to nest and lay eggs.  The store owners have put out water and food for them both.  It takes a month to hatch a goose egg.  That little guardian is going to be busy, then they’re going to have to take care of little ones while dodging cars.  I wonder if Animal Control could relocate them?  I may have to stop by on my way to and from the airport over the next few weeks to see how this little family is doing.

Missing Willow Farm’s New Annex

We’ve expanded our fiefdom!  We purchased the place next door.  Now we’ve got 19 continuous acres of property.  I’m most excited about the mature orchard.  We’ve got apple, plum and peach trees and the woods are full of dogwood trees.  Hopefully we’ll be able to beat the deer to some fruit this summer.  The place comes with a few outbuildings that we’ve already got plans for with regards to hay and feed storage.  This property feeds our pond so now we’ve got control over that.  The previous owner put in a huge doglot that has periodically been used for goats.  We’re planning to use it for pigs (!)  It also comes with… wait for it… a singlewide trailer!  It’s only 10 years old and quite lovely inside (hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, gas fireplace.  We’re going to sell it, have it hauled off, then fence the entire property for additional pasture.   We took Jenna over with us this morning to get some photos.  She peed all over everything.  Marked it as hers.  Good girl!

It’s Market Season Again

Friday was the pre-opening of our Farmer’s Market.  It officially opens the Friday before Mother’s Day, but there are a few of us who go early in the season because we have stuff to sell.  My offerings included lamb, eggs, spinach, lettuce, heirloom tomato and herb plants, soap and handicrafts.  I’m sharing my space this season with a good friend who’s an amazing baker.  I’ll get some photos of her Easter offerings this week.  They will not disappoint!

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