Hot Peppers

PeppersOur peppers are loving it in the greenhouse, maybe because it’s so hot in there this time of year?  I think we’re going to get a bumper crop.  We only grow super hot ones and make a pepper flake blend that will blow your socks off.   It makes the best pimento cheese!


Nosy Goats

GoatsWe can’t scoop dog food for Lizzie without goats getting all up into our business.

Puppy Kisses

LizzieJackLizzie is four months old now and totally in love with Jack.  When he goes into the pasture she covers him with so many puppy kisses he comes out all slobbery.  He’s faster than her (for now) so could run away if he wanted.  He must secretly like the attention.


TomatoesWe’re harvesting tomatoes from our outdoor raised beds now (yum!) and have a  few plants going gangbusters in the greenhouse.  Hot peppers, too.   When the outdoor plants are spent, we’ll have the indoor ones to look forward to.   The only downside to greenhouse gardening is no matter how much it rains you still have to water every day.


Fox Fox1We were over in our trailer, aka our pottery studio this morning when a little fox wandered into the back yard.  We’ve seen it in the woods hanging with our sheep and also in our pasture.  Thankfully, I had my iPod in my pocket and it didn’t notice me sneaking out onto the back deck to grab some photos before it wandered off.   It looked to be about the size of a cat and was very pretty.   I’ve now got photos of a coyote, raccoon, possum and fox on our property.  Maybe a wolf is next… or a werewolf.   😀

A Rare Find

EggWe finally finished harvesting the rest of our potatoes this morning.  Seriously, so many!  While digging, Brian came across an ‘oddly shaped rock’ in our potato bed.   An obsidian egg!  Either the faeries left it for us or it was in the commercial compost that we buy by the ton.  They collect cafeteria waste from many places including public schools.  I prefer to think it’s a present from the faeries.


LizzieLizzie is getting big.   She has started napping with sheep under a stand of trees instead of chasing them like crazy to play. We no longer have to stand over her while she eats to keep Beatrice away from her food.  She’s become very protective of her dish.  Good progress!

Summer Days

FlyBrian is out fishing from our dock while I’m in the kitchen canning dill pickles and cherry amaretto jam.  A typical summer day.

Unusual For Us

ZucchiniWe try growing zucchini every year with no success.  We grow without chemical pesticides so some dang bug always gets to them.  We evidently fooled them this year because we’ve just started harvesting squash along with our daily haul of cucumbers.

Happy Fourth of July

PotatoesFrom Missing Willow Farm.

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