HelloBrian introducing one of our kids to Lizzie, who will be moved into the big pasture again once we’re done lambing and kidding.  She’s very excited about that!


Bella’s Kids

KidsBella had twin does on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve named them Shannon and Molly.  They have a tendency to nap a lot.  I’ve seen them fall asleep out in the pasture while mom is grazing then she loses track of their whereabouts and gets frantic.  She’s come running to me a few times to get help finding them.  She’s a good mom.

Just Passing Through

DucksMallards enjoying a respite on our pond.  Since it’s a male/female pair, I’d love them to stick around and raise ducklings!  The frogs have awoken and started singing constantly down by the pond.  It won’t belong before our entire property is covered in teeny tiny frogs.

Play Time

6Our pink-eared lamb getting to know a pasture-mate.  He’s got wool and will need to be shorn one day, the other one doesn’t and won’t.  The lambs hang together in a feisty little gang all day long.  I imagine they sleep with their mamas but am not entirely sure.  I hope they sneak off together and play practical jokes on the goats at night.  🙂

I Had To Give It A Try

S3 S4I made bourbon vanilla bean marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies for a s’mores dessert last weekend.  It won’t be the last time, I assure you!  They were toasted over our cauldron and assembled in the back yard.  Yum!

Nom Nom

4Sheep’s eye view of Beatrice noshing on hay (our sheep and goats also get a daily ration of grain).  Our pastures are just starting to green up so they won’t be eating hay for much longer.

How We Spent Our Weekend

7 15 6 5 1We made our third trip to the Charleston Wine and Food Festival this weekend to support our friend Craig at his events.  So much good food and wine!  Here are a few photos of the excitement.  A lamb on  the spit, biscuits and chicken fried lamb with gravy on a biscuit accompanied by rose champagne for breakfast, a cauldron full of posole and a make your own s’mores station at night.  Can’t wait until next year!

On The Move

5A visible barrier is all it takes to keep sheep from running amok when we move them from the small pasture across our driveway to the big one.  That, and a border collie on their tails.  These bits of fence are literally being held up by leaning against a wheelbarrow and our Mule.   A fence illusion.