Honeydukes Express

Claire received one of these for Christmas from my friend Shannon over at http://barrelocoopers.blogspot.com/.  It was so very awesome that I got Claire to leave it at home until her first 2017 visit so I could make one of my own.   This is what I came up with.  It’s a reference to the Honeydukes shop trolley that sells wonderful sweets on the Hogwarts Express train.  I’ll have another Harry Potter craft to share soon!cart1 cart2



That Sinking Feeling

dsc03489When you live remotely and realize you’re the only one of your neighbors without power.  We investigated the source last night in the pitch black and found we had a tree across our driveway that took out a few panels of our fence and about 300 feet of power line.  Brian had to walk the lonnggg way around in the dark to get our gate open for the power company.  We were concerned that our entire pasture fence might be electrified.  Luckily the sheep were sleeping in the barn at the time so we just closed them in for the night.  Power is restored, sheep have been relocated to another pasture, now the fun begins…

First Lambs of 2017

first-lambsTwins born yesterday, both doing well.  We had another ewe in labor this morning and had to pull it.  Mom and baby are resting comfortably in the nursery section of our barn.  Another day on the farm.

Harry Potter Crafting


This Harry Potter tea party Christmas tree ornament lives in Ireland now. The cookies are made from polymer clay.


Someone emailed to ask if I’d remake a Severus Snape ornament I had made a few years back. She discovered it on Pinterest. How cool is that?


I made this Molly Weasley clock for Claire for Christmas. I was inspired by the amazing Knickertwist. You should check her out at blog.pixiehill.com


Chocolate frog card ornaments.


One of them went to my friend Shannon in Savannah, along with this Hufflepuff Christmas stocking. The emblem was done on my embroidery machine. This is her photo because I either forgot to take one or lost it when my laptop crashed last month.


For Christmas this year I received all of the Harry Potter movies on DVD and digital, which inspired me to post some of the Harry Potter crafts I made in 2016.

Happy New Year

Just before Christmas, we had a quick six day getaway to the Caribbean.  We visited Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Curacao, all three were new to the both of us.  We had a fun excursion which took us over the remains of three shipwrecks in a boat with an observatory that sat 5 feet below the surface of the water.  While it was nice to get away, when we returned the scramble to make the holidays happen was very hectic!  I have just one New Year’s Resolution for 2017… to finally open an Etsy shop.  There.  I’ve said it.  It has to happen now, right??  Happy New Year!  crystal1 crystal2 crystal3