FiFiOur guardian dog is a beautiful girl.  Uncontrollable but beautiful.



TeenyElsie’s doeling gets cuter every day.

Outdoor Salads

Spinach outdoors lettuceThe spinach and buttercrunch lettuce we put in a few months ago in our outdoor raised beds is ready to harvest.

We spent the morning getting the remainder of the outdoor beds ready to plant.  We’re right on schedule with our weather, transplants, and seeds.

I Know What I’m Doing Today

Veg & MilkMaking beef stew with root vegetables and goat cheese!


ChompOur goats are enjoying the new greenery on the other side of the fence.  Given a choice, they tend to browse up high while the sheep keep to the grass.  They are living dangerously because our bees are buzzing all over the trees on and around our property.

Dam Bunnies

Pea NibbleIt appears we’re not going to get any peas out of our raised beds this year.  Thankfully we’ve been enjoying them out of the greenhouse for the past few weeks.  We’ve got the fishing line invisible fence up so definitely it’s not the deer.  Oh well.


CaughtRaccoons aren’t the only thing we’ve caught in the live trap.  Ha!

Mushroom Logs

mushroomOur shiitake logs have started fruiting again.  It’s a Spring/Fall event around here.  I need to pull out a few recipes!


PredatorsWe don’t have a fly problem in our barns because we use fly predators. They are teeny little bugs who destroy the next generation of flies in their immature cocoon stage.  We get a monthly shipment and sprinkle them around our manure piles and forget about them.

A Big Project

FenceCross fencing our large pasture is in our future.  Brian’s going to try to do it himself.  Thankfully we have water on both sides of the prospective divide.  This will allow us to rest the grass on one side at a time.

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