3Lemons, limes, lemongrass and a banana tree that’s never fruited are growing in our greenhouse in Virginia.  We used to bring them all indoors over the winter but they made a huge mess inside so now they live in the greenhouse with the temperature set right at freezing.  We love our citrus.  A banana would be nice.  Just saying.



JackJack won’t give up his wubba.  At all.  He does, however, get annoyed if you don’t try to take it from him.

A Jungle

12This cherry tomato plant in the greenhouse must be 20 feet long.  That’s a 55 gallon rain barrel it’s covering. We’re hoping to have tomatoes through the winter.  It will mean we have to hand pollinate new flowers.  A small price to pay for fresh tomatoes from our garden.


9The goat, not the season, which ends today.  She’s going to stick around, thank you.  Summer is adorable and wants to make sure you know it.


11We started these broccoli plants from seed weeks and weeks ago and planted them in the greenhouse yesterday.  Would you believe half of them disappeared over night?  We didn’t have the side curtains up high enough and a bunny hopped in and got them.  Damn bunny doesn’t want us to have any broccoli this season.

Slowing Down

Harvest AugustIt’s still looking festive around here when we get in from the garden, but things are starting to slow.  Our mushroom logs are also producing right now.  We’re just planting in the greenhouse for winter veggies.  We’re hoping to get back to pottery now that the garden is winding down.

A Beauty

8Our Beauty Berry Bush is just starting to turn.  Aren’t the seeds gorgeous?  They will all eventually turn deep purple and will be around long after the frost takes the leaves.

Waiting At The Gate

6Jack’s waiting to get in the pasture to wrangle some sheep.  Mina wants out to be fed treats at the milking stand.  Her kid is working on getting it’s head stuck in the fence.

Composted Tomatoes

5Our chicken barn compost pile sprouted tomatoes again this year.  Last year they came up too late in the season for us to enjoy them.  This year, yum!  Next year I’m going to actually plant some things in there rather than leaving it to chance.  Someone please remind me.


4This Genovese basil started out as a microgreen, it will end up as pesto.

I need to get on that.

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