Link’s House

Every now and then I make something just for me. This is one of those somethings. We got a Nintendo Switch last Christmas and it has kept us entertained as we have been staying safe at home. My favorite game by far is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. During Link’s adventures he discovers a house that is being torn down and would I like to purchase and fix it up? You bet! Here is my version of the finished home.

I gave the walls a rough plaster look with a thin layer of modeling paste.

The furniture was designed by me and cut with my Cricut. There are potions made from resin and a slice of fruit cake. Besides defeating monsters and machines, there is also cooking in this game.

Link uses his home to store extra weapons and shields. I made these from polymer clay and chipboard. The basket of fruits, mushrooms and vegetables in the storage box on the floor are cooking ingredients you gather in the game.

I made the table from craft sticks, the plates and food (goat butter and veggie cream soup) are made from polymer clay.

Majorca’s mask is also made from poly clay, so is the monster cake in the shelf below it.

Ya – ha – ha, you found me!

If you’re a fan of the game, you get it. If not… look at the cute little room I made!

Julia’s Kitchen

I have always admired accomplished women and Julia Child certainly embodies that description. She is known and loved worldwide. Her awards include 3 Emmys, 4 James Beard Awards, a Peabody, a National Book award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

She donated her Cambridge, MA kitchen to the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian in 2001. It’s where her TV show was frequently filmed. I was inspired to make this homage to her favorite room, which she described as “the beating heart and social center of her household”.

The cabinetry, counter, butcher block and stove were all hand built by me to emulate the look and feel of the space to the best of my ability. I determined that the counters would be 3 inches high and 2 inches deep and got out my graph paper to see how much I could realistically fit into a Deep Open Front Room Box which is 10 inches wide by 10 inches tall by 5.5 inches deep. The pieces I designed were cut from medium heavy chipboard and everything was assembled using tacky glue.

This room box has a front piece that adds an additional 2 inch facade to the top of the structure. Here I am holding it in place to decide if I want to include it, along with the roof/ceiling of the structure. I eventually decided I wanted the room open so all of the miniature details could be easily seen. The floor is a sheet of DCWV Photoreal linen paper that I thought looked like 1950’s linoleum. The countertop is a woodgrain paper. The walls were painted with acrylics, the cabinet pulls are straight pin heads. The sink was molded from polymer clay.

The kitchen window has blinds that I made by cutting a section of a manila folder the same width of a 4 Panel Rectangular Window then scoring it into pleats. You can’t really see the sunny blue sky outside with the blinds on top but that’s OK… I know it’s there.

When I made the decision to leave the ceiling off of the room, that left me with these upper tabs to cover. My solution was to paper the exterior all the way to the top of the tabs then glue 0.2 inch square bamboo craft sticks to the top of the tabs. Below those I glued lengths of 3/8 inch width x 0.078 inch craft sticks which emulates a crown molding at the top of the room.

That pegboard was quite a project, and Julia had boatloads of it in her kitchen! I cut chipboard to the dimensions I wanted then gave it a coat of acrylic paint. I taped a sheet of ¼ inch square graph paper on top of it and poked all those little holes using a pottery needle tool.

After deciding where I wanted hangers in each peg board, I expanded those holes using a tiny drill and threaded straight pins that I bent at a 90 degree angle through them. The pins were taped in place right before I glued the peg boards to the walls. That kept them from shifting around.

Now for the fun stuff – decorating the space with some of the Alpha Stamps incredibly detailed kitchen miniatures!

The cat and artichoke artwork she displayed on her cabinets were reproduced and set into two of the Mini Frames Set. The planter on top of the cabinets holding yellow flowers is one of the Set of Miscellaneous Flower Pots that I washed well and painted with a few coats of acrylic paint.

Between the window and the cabinet I hung a couple of mini cookie cutters and a Large Strainer (which I adore). Below the window hangs a collection of knives.

The magnetic knife strip is made from a wooden craft stick painted silver. The black ones are from a set of Miniature Carving Knives. The red handled one at the top is from a set of Butcher Block Tools.

The poly clay sink was completed with a Sink Spigot with Faucets. It’s perfect! To the left of the sink you’ll see a Miniature Dish Rack that holds another tool from the Butcher Block Tool set, a Silver Muffin Pan, Metal Scoop and cup from the Mini Pitcher and Measuring Cup Set. Below the dish rack are shelves that hold a Vintage Mixing Bowl nestled inside the Rustic Green and Yellow Fruit Bowl Set. Below that are a Set of Metal Mixing Bowls.

The kitchen counter holds a bar of poly clay soap sitting in one of the dishes from a White Plastic Mini Serving Dish Set, a mixer, a Retro Silver Toaster, the Mini Wooden Spoon and Wire Wisk Set, some items from the Kitchen Utensils Set and a miniature rolling pin. On top of the butcher block sits a few of the Butcher Block Tools. The peg board holds a Copper Bundt Cake Pan, the Mini Ladle Set, a Spatula and more of the Utensils Set.

Julia’s kitchen table is a rectangle of chipboard with a Set of Wooden Table Legs glued to the bottom. The yellow tablecloth is a piece of cotton that I dipped in a glue/water mixture that was draped and allowed to dry. I made the fruit basket and bananas from polymer clay.

The pegboard above the stove stores pot lids from my stash, a Meat Cleaver Charm, Mini Working Scissors and the whisk from the Mini Wooden Spoon & Wire Wisk Set.

The little shelf holds a White Canisters Set, a jar of mustard I made from a turned wood blank and the most adorable Salt and Pepper Set I’ve ever seen.

The stove holds a Copper Tea Kettle and some copper pots and pans I had in my stash. The peg boards between the stove and cabinets hold the Mini Cast Iron Frying Pan Set, some Copper Bundt Pans and more pots and pans from my stash that are similar to these copper and silver sets.

This project was truly a labor of love and a chance to stretch my artistic abilities. HERE is the supply list of the all the great kitchen miniatures that made this project possible.

Cookie Houses and Hot Cocoa

Today I am happy to share with you a project for Alpha Stamps that is seriously one of the most fun I’ve ever made. As someone who works a lot with miniatures, I love it when I have a lot of horizontal space to fill in and the 1:12 Market Stall certainly fits the bill. My vision for the piece was to fill the shelves with as many decorated sugar cookie houses as possible while leaving a spot to also offer hot chocolate with all the mix-ins I could think of. The Sweetest Christmas 12×12 Paper Set was the perfect starting point for this sugared holiday design.

Before decorating and gluing the market shelves in place, I cut the paper for the back wall of the stand. I had a lot of great choices for the paper to use for this focal area and settled on featuring a holiday banner at the top and a great retro pink tile for behind the counter.

The market was assembled using tacky glue. The only paper in this project not from the Sweetest Christmas collection is the brown reptile paper I used to cover the front counter. The stand is a blank canvas screaming fill me up! Those adorable hanging mugs are made by gluing reindeers from the Retro Santa & Penguin Tiny Christmas Stickers onto White Coffee Mugs. They were hung from from Mini Brass Coat Hooks.

I made decorated sugar cookie houses from 1:12 Gingerbread Houses. After assembling them, I painted them inside and out with pastel colors of acrylic paint.

The houses come with tiny windows. I very carefully separated them from each other with sharp scissors and gave them all a coat of white paint. All of the houses got a few layers of Tiny Scalloped Shingles in a contrasting color.

The side of each roof got 3 rows of overlapping shingles.

Once the glue dried, I added a row of polymer clay slices at the roof line. There are so many fun ones to choose from!

A few of the poly clay slices I used in this project were sugar coated. They were lightly coated in tacky glue then dropped into a container of extra fine glitter where they hung out until the glue dried.

I seriously felt like Willy Wonka decorating those little treasures, so much fun!

I took the time to make a couple of tiny snowmen for a few of the houses from poly clay. Pretty houses all in a row.

Now for some tips on a few of the other decorations. I love using ceramic beads in my projects. I always take the time to fill in the beading hole with a dot of matching paint as I did here with the Tiny Ceramic Gingerbread House Beads.

White and dark chocolate covered spoons? Yes please! I dipped spoons from a Miniature Silverware Set in acrylic paint and held them with craft clips until they dried.

Here are the pieces I painted for this project. The Santa Head Mug and Xmas Tree Candy Dish are both cast metal, the candy cane dish is from a great little Set of Miscellaneous Flower Pots that got filled with Mini Candy Canes. All three pieces were washed with soap and water then painted with a few coats of acrylic paint.

Some adult mix-ins are needed for grown up hot cocoa. How cute is that Bailey’s bottle? I made the Frangelico from a Tall Amber Resin Syrup Bottle, some printed label images and a bit of embroidery thread. The rum is made by adding a label from the Rum Bottles, Labels & Posters Collage Sheet to a plain wine bottle.

Here are some close ups of the finished shelves. Along with the cookie houses, I filled a few of the Even Tinier Bottles with a combination of cane slices, Multicolored Striped Candy Sticks & Tiny Polymer Clay Candy Canes. The houses sit on Tiny White Doilies. Scattered 5mm White Snowflakes complete the snowy sugary scene.

The hot chocolate shelf features those gingerbread house beads, pink and white candy balls in a Large Glass Apothecary Jar and some tiny resin lollipops in a Tiny Cube Glass Bottle. A White Ceramic Pitcher is filled with hot chocolate made from polymer clay. Those Peppermint Cane slices are sitting on a Scalloped Metal Plate that was painted white.

The front counter features one of the cookie houses, rock candy sticks made from finely chopped polymer clay baked onto flat toothpicks, poly clay marshmallow snowmen mug toppers, the chocolate dipped spoons, microbead candy inside Mini Mason Jars, poly clay cinnamon sticks and a snowman snowglobe made from poly clay and crystal glitter inside a glass dome.

To finish the scene I added a sign that I would personally find hard to pass up using a 1:12 Scale Sandwich Board.

Thanks for stopping by my sweet holiday shop! You’ll find all the supplies I used HERE.

Mini Occult Market Shop

I decided to make another little witchy market shop with the intent to eventually make an entire spooky bazaar.

I used a GSL 1:12 Scale Market Stall which is available over at Alpha Stamps. The paper I chose for this project is from Stamperia’s lovely Cosmos line. I painted the supports and papered the shelves and rear wall of the stall before assembling it with tacky glue and installing it on the base.

To fill the shelves, I started with a little display of polished crystals and stones. I have a jar of polished pebbles that I sorted through and glued like colors into a tray made of craft sticks. I used a curved dollhouse brick to make a stand for the display.

I made colorful spell candles by painting round toothpicks and assembling them in bundles. The jar of miniature rune stones were made by a friend years ago. I am so glad I finally found a project they belong in. Those little charm bags were sewn, filled with an assortment of shells, stones, runes and talismans then tied with a bit of embroidery thread.

Here are some close-ups of the shelves. The top one features gazing balls made from marbles and pretty beads next to miniature brass statues I picked up on our travels. Below that are tarot cards made from miniature printables and a few jars of herbs.

Below that I placed the spell candles, a GSL Miniature Ouija Board from the Mystical Miniatures set (coming soon) and smudge sticks which are made from assorted dried mosses tied with crochet thread. The shelf below that features the polished stone display and some books made from printable covers glued onto foam blocks.

The front counter was covered in a faux reptile paper and features the runes, a set of mini tarot cards, the charm bags and a little silver pentagram jar. The front of the stall has a palmistry sign also from the GSL Mystical Miniatures set to draw customers in. 

Here is the beginning of my Halloween Bazaar. Thanks for stopping by!

Alice Through the Looking Glass Shrine

I have a pretty little project for Alpha Stamps to share with you today that features Stamperia’s new Alice Through the Looking Glass papers. There are so many gorgeous papers in this collection I had a hard time choosing which ones to use. The base for this project is a House Shrine with Doors – Medium, the perfect vessel to set a Queen Alice scene inside.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is a1.jpg

Open the doors and you’ll see I used a Victorian Table Kit – Black I set all kinds of goodies on and filled the walls and floor with as many tiny treasures as possible.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is a2.jpg

I fussy cut a few of the winged creatures from the Alice paper to display in a Mini Metal Shadowbox. It came with a bright red removable velveteen lining that I replaced with a gray suede paper. Super simple to use the original red as a template.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is a5.jpg

I placed a Plant with Pink and Fuchsia Flowers inside an Antique Garden Urn as decoration. Before I set it in place, I snipped a few of the flowers and dropped them inside a 1cm Clear Glass Globe that got mounted on a spiked cone brad. When finished, it looks like a little floral snow globe.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is a6.jpg

It was glued onto a Triangular White Shelf Bracket along with a Standing White Rabbit Charm. These shelves come in a set of two, the other one received an adorable Micro Mini Flamingo. Also shown here is the stack of cups I made for the table by gluing three Silver 3D Teacup and Saucer charms together.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is a8.jpg

I love the Queen Alice image, and framed her overlooking the scene. Her crown hangs below her painting where it’s ready to grab and run.

The Victorian Table Kit basically snaps together, it was so easy to assemble! I hand made a few of the treats on the Tiered Cupcake Stand.

Here is a quick look at my cookie-making process. I used a Mini Silicone Mold – Biscuits and Bread to make tiny cookies out of paperclay. Once those were dried, I painted them with acrylic paint and rubbed the edges with a bit of brown soft pastel. The icing was made by mixing liquid polymer clay with soft pastels to color it then baked on the cookies for 5 minutes at 265 degrees to set it.

The little pink bouquet of paper flowers is being visited by an acrylic butterfly nail charm (I also landed one on the Pink Heart Cake with Roses).

These gorgeous Fancy Filigree Hinges were attached using E6000 glue. I glued them to the doors, let that set, then glued them to the sides of the shrine.

This little shrine includes a drawer that I filled with cards cut from a Mini Alice Tarot Half Sheet.

I hope you enjoyed this visit through the looking glass with Alice. You’ll find all of the supplies I used HERE

Fairy Tale Courtyard Bedroom

I have something rather charming to share with you today. I took a brand new piece from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts – the Porch and Courtyard Box and turned it into a fairy tale setting. This structure screams to be turned into a garden setting of some sort with lush plants and flowers, a bench, maybe a fountain but I went another direction. When I figured out that a GSL Bed Standard 1 to 12 fit on that upper level it was only going to be a fairy tale setting for me.

This project started with the bed, which came out oh so adorable.

I gave the headboard, footboard and side slats a coating of gesso as primer.

Once it was assembled using tacky glue it got a few coats of white acrylic paint.

The bedposts were made from lengths of ¼ inch dowel topped by ¾ inch wood ball finials and painted white to match the bedframe.

These posts were attached to the frame with E6000 glue for extra hold. I decorated the headboard with flatback resin flowers, leaves & rhinestones.

Two kinds of mattresses were made for the bed – thin and thick. The thin ones were simply a layer of quilt batting sewn between two layers of fabric. The thick ones involved no sewing at all. I had some squishy packaging material in my stash that I cut into rectangles. I wrapped some fabric around those and glued it in place. A clothespin held the fabric in place while the glue dried.

 Dowels and E6000 were used to make a ladder for the bed.

 Pretty dang cute!

I used papers from DCWV Dark Fairytale for the upper bedroom level. The wooden floor paper is from Bo Bunny’s Garden Party.

The structure has two slatted porch sections. Those were painted in a medium gray and glued in place.

Here is the upper level assembled. I painted the left wall in a soft gray. That massive stained glass detail is also from Dark Fairytale. 

The stone floor paper that I used is from the Reminisce – Wizard 102 Collection. You’ll notice the stairs are tabbed directly into the left side wall.

To facilitate that, slots were cut through the stained glass paper after it was glued into place.

The Porch and Courtyard Box also comes with a lattice piece that covers the entire upper section (shown below). I left it off so that the bed could be accessed as this is going to a little girl who will need to tuck a princess doll into bed at night. Had I gone in a different direction for this piece, I was considering hanging a chandelier from the lattice, and maybe also some ivy. So many options!

A bedroom window was fashioned from a GSL Reliquary – Arch Top. I only used the frame layer, which got painted black. The starry night paper is from Graphic 45’s Happy Haunting collection.

Some artwork was added to the wall using one of the new GSL Miniature Picture Frames.

A tiny flower arrangement was made in pretty much the same way full sized ones are. I cut a tiny piece of floral foam and inserted tiny paper flowers. It reminded me of the flower arranging classes my mom took when I was a kid. 

The floral arrangement went onto a vintage rattan dollhouse table. I added a friendly frog underneath.

Downstairs there was just enough room to feature a table set for a feast. I used a GSL Gothic Trestle Table 1:12 Scale.

Once painted and assembled, I topped it with a gray woodgrain paper surface.

The fun part… I got out my polymer clay and paper clay and put the TV on. It was fun researching medieval banquet spreads to see what all to make. Any questions just ask in the comments!

Since the bed has a whole princess and the pea vibe going on, I made sure to include a pea pod with a single pea missing from it.

Such a fun project, thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Porch and Courtyard Box (coming soon)

GSL Miniature Picture Frames (coming soon)

Bed Standard 1 to 12

Reliquary – Arch Top

Gothic Trestle Table 1:12 Scale

Other Supplies Used

Tacky glue

E6000 glue

Acrylic paint

Wooden dowels

Wood ball finials

Flatback resin flowers and rhinestones

DCWV Dark Fairytale

Bo Bunny Garden Party

Reminisce – Wizard 102 Collection

Graphic 45 Happy Haunting

Paper flowers

Vintage miniature rattan table

Toy frog

Polymer clay

Paper clay

Spring Gardening

Brought up from the garden this morning… asparagus from the bed we put in last year, garlic scapes and some gorgeous tender lettuce. We have 14 raised beds planted and added two paw paw trees next to our blueberries. We have lots and lots of garlic this year after a disappointing harvest last year.

Mini Bath & Body Display

I have a little bath and body display to share today that uses the brand new GSL Composition Display Stand (coming soon). This piece could be used for so many things! I considered setting it for a wedding cake, birthday, cocktail party, bake sale, market stand, so many possibilities. I finally settled on a little soap kiosk. I had a small handmade soap business a few years ago and this brings back memories.

The display stand is made up of six pieces that assemble easily with tacky glue.

I used a rubber band to hold the piece together while the glue dried.

The piece comes with two shelves, I only needed one of them for what I had in mind so set aside the other for a future project (yay, future project!). The shelf was painted with white acrylic paint. All of the paper used in this project is from Stamperia’s Secrets of India collection.

Most of the soap I made for this piece are just small bar-shaped chunks of polymer clay. I did, however make an actual tiny embedded heart with melt and pour soap and my smallest polymer clay cutters. I filled the heart cutter with pink soap and set it aside. After it set I unmolded it and set the heart inside the round mold then poured clear soap around it.

Once that was set I was able to unmold and slice it up. So stinking cute!

I wanted to include a little gift basket of bath products in this display, the GSL Tiny Octagon Planter Set was perfect. It comes with two sizes included, ½ inch tall and ¾ inch tall. 

I assembled the ¾ inch one and painted it white. It was trimmed with thin white satin ribbon and a white paper flower.

The gift basket was filled with a bar of each of the soaps, a resin rubber ducky and a jar of bath oil beads. Do they even make those any more? These are made from microbeads that came in a set of nail glitters.

A four inch section of GSL Border Sticks – Lace (coming soon) was painted white and fit the display motif perfectly.

 Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Composition Display Stand (coming soon)

Border Sticks – Lace (coming soon)

Tiny Octagon Planter Set

Other Supplies Used

Tacky glue

Acrylic paint

Stamperia’s Secrets of India collection

Soap base

Polymer clay

Poly clay cutters

Dollhouse platters

Resin ducks

Satin ribbon

Paper flowers

Small glass bottles


Bunny Cubby

With Easter just around the corner, I was inspired to make a rabbit-related project featuring a little porcelain bunny my husband bought me on our travels. I decided to make him his own little space, complete with a few things that would make him happy. Here’s how it came together.

I started with a GSL Deep Open Front 4.5 x 5.5 Shadowbox. It’s available over at Alpha Stamps, as are all of the chipboard pieces I used in this project. It’s a simple box that was assembled using tacky glue.

I used a leafy green paper from Craft Consortium’s Herbarium collection to wallpaper the top section of the room. The lower wallpaper is a neutral green from a Tim Holtz paper pack. A coffee stir stick was painted a soft gray to serve as a chair rail between the two papers. I used scraps for the floor and ceiling of this tiny space. The exterior is a 49 and Market Tattered Garden paper.

I used painted wooden beads to foot the cubby. Using a Q-tip to hold the bead makes it super easy to paint and set to dry without messing up your fingers. 

Wall decorations included some gray bunny images cut from a First Edition’s Wild at Heart paper pad. The Peter Rabbit image is glued into a paper frame. My favorite is the Jessica Rabbit calendar I made from printed images. Easter is, of course, marked in red. 

 The little table I used is a GSL Simple1:24 Table which has a table top, eight leg sections and a base where the legs are inserted.

The legs are glued together in pairs to make them sturdy. Those get glued into the table base. Once the glue dried, the table got painted and set aside.

On to the basket which holds vintage dollhouse carrots. This GSL Tiny Picnic Basket – Half Scale comes with lots of layers to stack and glue together plus two tiny little handles that I chose not to use for this project. 

Here it is finished and painted, along with a few other props I made for the cubby. The bowl is a ¾ inch wooden bowl painted orange. 

I added a crocheted trivet under a mini porcelain teapot and added a couple of polymer clay slice lady bugs.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Claw

Who among us hasn’t looked at a miniature Punch and Judy theater and thought that needs to be a claw crane game? Just me?

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