Shopping With The Chef


At least once every cruise, the chef takes a group of about 20 guests with him shopping in one of his favorite markets.  Our chef, Pascal de Portemont, chose Livorno, Italy and Syracuse, Italy.  We got to spend the morning with him in Livorno while he shopped for our meals.


Our first stop was a cheese and sausage shop. They provided samples for us all of everything he purchased. We brought several kinds of cheese back with us. Also fresh sausage that was used in a pasta dish for lunch the next day, some truffled salami, several kinds of pesto and his favorite salt. We bought some, too.


The shop smelled wonderful!


He bought every branzino this guy had.


We didn’t bring back any of this, I just thought it was pretty.


I had no idea mortadella was so delicious.


This giant wheel of gorgonzola was the creamiest, best tasting I’ve ever had. We brought back two of them.


I’ve never seen porcini this huge. I think they were included in a dish the evening of a German-themed dinner.


He bought octopus. Lots of it.


We brought back every single clementine this guy had. We found them in our cabin the next morning as the fruit of the day. They were also peeled and included in the breakfast fruit buffet.


He wanted to bring back 10 cases of persimmons but the cart we brought with us was too loaded!


Our lunch the next day included a buffet of some of the things we had picked up at the market. This was so much fun, really a highlight of our trip!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Auntie Linda
    Nov 04, 2015 @ 06:33:17

    That looks like so much fun! Those markets are amazing.


  2. loramahaffey
    Nov 04, 2015 @ 16:22:35

    Wow! Love that you got to shop with the chef. I want some creamy Gorgonzola cheese, please! 😀


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