Still Growing

Lizzie JackMy friend Jessica asked me today how big Lizzie has gotten.  Here’s a photo of her and Jack.  She’s a massive girl who likes to do a ‘Turner and Hooch’ style head shake when she greets you so her slobber goes everywhere.   Good thing she’s cute.


This Guy

BottleOne of the quadruplets went to a new forever home yesterday as a bottle baby.  He’s the one we almost didn’t notice over in the corner of our barn when we found the babies.  He was struggling to stand up and hadn’t had any milk yet I’m sure.  I brought him a warm bottle of goat formula and he sucked it right down.  His new mama is 15 years old and the most lovely young lady.  I’m pretty sure he’s sleeping in her room in a crate.  We got photos of him today and he looks like he’s settled right in, baby blanket and all.  I think she’s going to spoil him rotten.  Yay!


Quads(!)  There hasn’t been much exciting going on here lately to report on.  That changed this morning.  We found Hermione with triplets when we went to the barn to feed everyone this morning and were totally surprised to find a fourth hiding in the corner.  Wow.  She’s my best milker by far, hopefully she has enough for everyone.  In related news, baby goats are super soft and snuggly.


HolesWe’ve had record breaking cold here lately and the pond finally iced over a bit.  There’s proof all over the pond that we still have an otter visiting.  It leaves holes where it pokes it’s head up out of the water through the ice.