Not 100% Nocturnal

Saw this guy and 4 of his friends out back this afternoon. We had to move our chicken feed cans inside the barn because something keeps trying to break into them. Perhaps this shady little gang?


Miniature Valentine’s Day Hutch

For my latest project, I was inspired to decorate the GSL 3 Panel Hutch with some sweet pink and white goodies for Valentine’s Day.

As always, I started this project by laying out all the pieces.  This really helps me with assembly.

The shelves of the hutch are put together from these three notched pieces.

Here is what the shelves will look like when glued into place.

Before gluing, I cut a piece of paper from the Graphic 45 Botanical Tea collection for the interior back wall of the piece.  I like this paper for the hutch because it’s nice and neutral, and who doesn’t enjoy a subtle botanical print?  I adhered it onto the interior wall of the hutch then used an X-Acto knife and nail file to expose the assembly notches.

The hutch pieces were painted with black acrylic paint then glued into place using tacky glue.

The hutch needs something to sit on and I had this perfect little table from the dollar store.  This was also painted black with the exception of contrasting cream colored knobs.  The two pieces were then glued together for a finished piece.

Since I made this a basic black and cream, it can be decorated for any season. Since it’s February, I chose a few pink and white accessories. I used some miniature porcelain dishes, pink resin flowers, a large diamond crystal, Swarovski beads, a tiny molded clay cake and a small glass bottle containing nail art hearts. I plan to change it out for Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

The hutch also comes with easily assembled drawers but I decided I like the look of open shelves to show off a few miniature platters.

The finished piece is one I’d love to have regular sized in real life.  Thanks for stopping by!

Gypsy Soul Laser Item Used

3 Panel Hutch

Other Items Used

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea paper – Fauna

Tacky glue

Acrylic paint

Miniature porcelain dishes

Resin flowers

Molded clay cake

Crystals and beads

Small glass bottle

Nail art hearts


Not Messing Around

I got tired of having to drive 45 minutes to eat in a Thai restaurant that is maybe a 2 on a scale to 10 so I ordered Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok cookbook, drove an hour to an international grocery, loaded up and started on a 3 day Thai cooking fest.  This is destined to be bouncy pork balls that will go in a pork neck bone soup with jasmine rice, pickled ginger and fried garlic and I’m just getting started…..

The Babysitter

This doe has apparently settled into our pasture for good.  I’m not sure she realizes she can jump the fence, or maybe she’s figured out there is food and water available there at all times and decided to just make it her home.  We’ve not seen her inside the barn – yet, she found a low spot she likes to sleep in. It appears that our sheep trust her with the safekeeping of their lambs.  Isn’t this adorable?

A Day At The Circus House Pins

Happy Saturday everyone! I’ve been playing with the super versatile GSL House Jewelry Pieces. I considered using them as a focal point in a larger assemblage but kept coming back to the idea of turning them into actual jewelry and decided on a trio of quirky circus themed pins using tiny train figurines.  If you’d like to see how they are made, hop on over to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Blog.