The Daily Haul

MilkHermione gives me this much milk every morning.  I made my first batch of chevre yesterday and it didn’t set right.  I need to order fresh rennet and culture to remedy that.  I hope to put at least 50 blocks of cheese in the freezer before I get tired of the daily milking routine.  Probably sooner than later.  🙂


A Miniature (Actual) Bakery

La Farm 2Brian and I delivered a present to one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet today, Lionel Vatinet of La Farm Bakery.  When we lived in Cary, NC it was our favorite neighborhood business.  Who wouldn’t love an authentic french bakery within walking distance of their house?  Fast forward 5 or so years and we started running into Lionel at various food and wine festivals.  I was thrilled to surprise him with a mini representation of his business.  I’ve had the mini baker’s rack for about 30 years waiting on the perfect use.  I made the breads and pastries and that’s his cookbook ‘A Passion For Bread’.  I highly recommend it!  The very best part about this story is he ships the most amazing breads and pastries.  Make sure you check out his website

Too Cold For This

DSC02134Hermione’s back on the milking stand.  Every morning.  Too icy to get the key into our mule?  Nope, still milking.  11 degrees out?  Too bad.  I keep reminding myself goat cheese is delicious.