Christmas Is Over

TreeWe took our fresh Christmas tree down and delivered it to the goats.  They will have it stripped in no time then the remnants will go into the pond as fish habitat.  Happy New Year!


Morning Chores

FogIt’s time to put out hay since the pasture has gone dormant for the winter.  The goats are in the barn because they are super annoying around a fresh bale of hay and the tractor is dangerous for them.  The sheep are in their feeding pen waiting to be let out and Jack’s just waiting on them.


HawkThis hawk has taken up residence down by our wintry garden.  He’s very watchful and quite large.  That’s our replacement willow tree right behind him.  It’s not yet started to weep, which makes it just look like any old tree.  Maybe next year.


StickLizzie likes to play fetch.  No matter what stick I throw her, she brings this tree limb back.  It usually takes her a while to get it to me.  It’s her favorite.