Ready To Pounce

WatererJack hides from our sheep behind the watering tub that’s the same color as he is.  Pretty tricky!  Lizzie keeps track of the action from her pasture.


An Annual Chore

TractorPlowing our potato bed.  We mostly use the tractor to scrape our driveway and move large hay bales.  Once a year we’re happy not to have to turn our in-ground potato bed by hand.  Very happy.

A Dozen Or So Loads

CompostWe stopped buying compost a few years ago because we’re able to make our own.  We’ll use it to supplement all of our garden beds.  We use the tractor to scoop it into the back of the Mule, which has a lift gate on the back.   Anything to minimize shoveling by hand!

Spring Planting

Planting0Just a sample of what needs to get into the ground soon.  Shallots, potatoes, carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, peas, kohlrabi & rutabaga.


WeedingEvery single raised bed looks like this and there are 18 of them. Yuck.  That’s what happens when you spend a few weeks at the end of the growing season on vacation, then head right into the holidays.  Once the cages and stakes are set aside, we’ll need to weed and work in compost.  Then there’s the in-ground potato bed to plow.  This is a busy time for us.

Planting Time

PlantingI’ve started four flats of seeds so far, two each of heirloom tomatoes and hot peppers.  We received our seed order for the remainder of the garden yesterday.  The tomatoes and peppers will go in the ground in about two months.  I’ll group the seed packets into timeframes for planting.  Time to get the beds ready.

This Year’s Lambs

LambiesHere are most of them are so far (plus an older one), thick as thieves.  They run in a little fluffy gang.