Big Helper

11Jack has been helping us harvest potatoes.  Sort of.  This batch got a REALLY good scrubbing when we were done.  He’s fascinated with sweet potatoes.  He ran off with one last fall on harvest day and made it his toy.

Not Strawberries

13I received this gorgeous blue strawberry planter for Mother’s Day a few years ago.  I tried immediately to plant strawberries in it with very poor results.  All but one of the plants died.  It’s become my herb garden and is very accessible to the kitchen.  We got one strawberry this spring from the one plant that survived. We split it.  🙂

Cucumber Pots

14With the deck do-over this year we decided not to bring the 70 or so potted tomato plants to the back deck that we normally do.  Those are down by the raised beds.  We did, however, bring the cucumbers up.  I wish I’d planted more of them, dang it.

New For Today

12Broccoli!  We just harvested our first little bit.  We didn’t grow a lot this year but what we’ve got looks really good.

Not Just A Pretty Pond

GaryWe keep the pond in our front yard stocked with fish.  My parents came for a visit and my dad (isn’t he handsome?) caught a mess of croppie.  I made fish tacos for dinner.  Fried croppie, shredded red cabbage, chipotle sour cream and monterey jack cheese in a soft flour taco.  Yum!


Summer Harvest

Summer VegSummer has arrived and things are starting to ripen.  Multiple varieties of cucumbers, tomatoes (yay!), potatoes and garlic are on the dinner menu.

A Dirty Job

DirtyWhile working with our sheep, one of them knocked me on my rear into a pile of poop.  Thankfully, I own more than one pair of overalls.  Summer is in her usual spot.

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