We visited Calvi Corsica, the supposed birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Actually, one of four supposed birthplaces of Christopher Columbus.  This is a view from our suite’s balcony from where we were anchored.


A view from the port. Most every place we visited looked very similar. Yachts, sailboats and fishing boats galore. For the most part, the largest yachts were found in Monte Carlo. Most of them had jacuzzis and a few even had helicopters(!)


I just love this photo. We ran into lots of free roaming pets on this trip. This pup was visiting a seaside bistro at the time.


While walking around the port towns, we occasionally stopped for free WiFi and a cappuccino. This little bistro in Corsica is typical of those stops. Just charming.


As we were leaving the ship to explore Calvi a fellow guest asked if we were knife shopping.  He told us the locals use knives to kill each other, which we thought was a strange statement. Sure enough, there were knives everywhere. I can’t imagine trying to take one back to the ship. Our shopping with the chef excursion was delayed about 10 minutes because one of the shops gave us each a cheese knife to take home. Security had to figure out if they wanted all those 1.5 inch blades on board. We of course were allowed to keep them, as long as they went directly into our suitcases.


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