Always A Thrill

Micros LambNot the best photo, but we had our microgreens served to us  across all courses last evening when we had dinner at the restaurant that has been our longest standing customer.   We get a kick out of eating incredible food that we had a small part in.


Much Better

SummerSummer’s little buckling is out in the barn with her and doing well.  They seem to be surviving their forced bonding time penned up together splendidly.  In related news, baby goats are super soft!

Never A Good Sign

TubA lamb or kid in our spare bathroom means it’s not thriving it’s first day/night with it’s mom.  This is Summer’s first baby, a little buckling.   It’s been particularly cold lately and she’s not quite gotten the mom thing down yet.  Our job is to warm him and tube him for a few feedings.  That means he gets a feeding tube threaded down his throat into his belly and we feed him colostrum that way until he’s strong enough to stand and nurse.  There is no end to the amount of things you NEVER thought you’d have to do in your entire life until you bring livestock into the picture.   The good news is he’s back out in the barn with Summer where we’ll keep them both penned together for a good while until she learns he’s her responsibility.  The bad news is he’s been replaced by one of Nellie’s newborn lambs who’s too weak to stand and nurse just yet, unlike his brother.

Cruelty Free Butterfly Collection

ButterfliesThey’re all made from paper with flower stamen antennae.   Pinned inside a shadowbox.

Pile In

14Feeding time means a sea of sheep hineys as they attack the bunk feeders.  As enthusiastic as they are, the goats are worse.  They get fed in the barn and I have to race them from the feed room to their feeding trough otherwise it’s ‘woman trampled by goats, news at 11’.

Our First Lamb of 2014

TracyLambWe were lucky enough to have our first lamb born while the family was visiting.   Kat, our best mama sheep, is always first.  She has beautiful babies.   Our daughter Tracy scooped him up and named him Ramses.

An Important Visit

Dominic and sheep Dominic and Bella Dominic and BindiVery exciting, our grandson Dominic visited the farm for the first time this past weekend.  Meet the sheep?  Check.  Meet the goats?  Check.  Sleep on the cat?  Check.

Duck Breast Ham

17Brined.  Rested.  Smoked.  Homemade. Delicious!!!

Zombie Chase

Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4More fun with miniature train scale figures.  This time, we’ve got a zombie chasing a poor businessman.  They are on top of a small thread spool if that helps gauge the size.   I love the zombie cop graphics!

Cookie Monster

20 A few leftover oatmeal raisin cookies from the holidays went to the barn to see if anyone was interested.  Obviously, they were a huge hit with our goats.  Now I know what to get them for their birthdays.

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