Daily Harvest

HotWe are seriously getting this amount of peppers every time we go down to the garden.  We have maybe 4 gallons of them dried and still whole.  I need to take the food processor outside and turn them into pepper flakes.  I’ve already pickled and canned some, need to set aside time to do that again.  Soon.



EuphoriaEuphoria1We spent last weekend at the Euphoria Wine and Food Festival in Greenville, SC supporting our friend and Lambstock host at his sponsored events.  We stayed pretty busy, this is the only decent photo I got from the opening night party which was our team’s shindig.  This amazing cooking rig was built by our friend John Roberts who served pizza from his brick oven on wheels.  The second photo shows how Brian and I spent our Saturday, roasting the showpiece lamb for the festival.  Someone asked if they could get their photo besides the roasting llama.  Goodness!  People usually think it’s a pig.  🙂


GhostlyOur ghost pepper plants are going gangbusters!  I packaged some of last year’s blend into containers today and literally sneezed for the next 20 minutes.  This year’s batch should be even better.

Where’s Jack?

SheepOur sheep cautiously peer around the barn to see if Jack’s around to bother them.

Gorgeous And Delicious

CanningHere’s a sampling of the canning I’ve done this summer.  Pickled jalapenos, tomatoes, thai garlic sweet dipping sauce and corn relish.  That dipping sauce is so good I’ve made 3 batches so far.  Cider vinegar, sugar, garlic, salt and our hot pepper flakes.  Yum!