The Garden Is In

Our garden is completely planted for this year.   We’re approaching our last possible frost date with temperatures in the 80s in the forecast.  The only thing missing is zucchini and we will squeeze it in somewhere if we find some starter plants.

Every bed is planted.

The garlic should have scapes soon.

Future cabbage.

Jerusalem artichoke rhizomes. We’ve wanted these for a while but never think about them until the growing season is over. All of our normal seed suppliers were completely out. I found these on Etsy.

Hot peppers started from seed indoors.

Can’t wait for these to flower so we can enjoy some new potatoes.

Poblanos and jalepenos are already starting to flower.

New Tenants

The fox family that lives in our annex pasture has expanded.  They totally ignore our sheep when they’re over there.  The den is near our front gate.  We’ve seen five of them so far.

Who You Gonna Call?

This is a miniature scene from the original Ghostbusters movie set inside an Altoids tin.  Venkman grabbing Slimer with his proton stream.  The ballroom in the background is the one used in the movie.  The chandelier is made from a piece of vintage jewelry.



A Good Start In The Garden

The garlic we planted last Fall is looking awesome. We added a few beds of seed potatoes before we left for vacation.

The beet seeds I planted a week ago are peeking out of our well-fertilized compost.

We’ve started harvesting the first asparagus spears of the season.

Dam Geese

Brian and I have been complaining about the geese that  discovered our pond about a week ago.  I was tickled to glance out our front windows to see he had taken this problem into his own hands and was out chasing them off in our rowboat.  They actually just flew from one end to the other for a bit until they got sick of being pursued.  Good job, honey!


A Fabulous Vacation

We fell in love with snorkeling in Jost Van Dyke BVI .

Coconuts were everywhere. We tried pina coladas served in coconut shells.

We visited a chocolate factory and learned how they turn cocoa beans into candy bars.

We visited a banana plantation.

Here’s our ship, the Seabourn Quest. It has just 450 passengers.

A typical, beautiful sunset.

Unlimited caviar onboard.

We attended a bordeaux tasting.

Some local Caribbean inhabitants.

I finally finished sorting through all our photos and have caught up on laundry.   Back to tagging sheep and rebuilding raised beds.  Sigh.





That’s us.  We even have certificates to prove it.  We went on a submarine in Barbados.  We had done a semi-sub tour last year in Grand Cayman and were looking forward to actually submerging.  The onboard experience between the two is very similar and both visited shipwrecks.  Unfortunately, the deeper you go, the harder it is to photograph as it’s much darker.  My biggest thrill was seeing a sea turtle which you can hopefully make out in the last photo.




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