A Volunteer

39The largest plant in the flower and herb bed we put in next to the driveway is a volunteer potato plant.  I guess I may have tossed a sub-standard potato in there last year after we harvested from the garden and it decided to live there.  The trick will be can we get all of those potatoes out when fully grown?  Otherwise, the same thing will happen next year.  Not a bad problem to have.


Water Dog

35Lizzie just can’t seem to stay away from water.  She loves drinking right out of our yard hydrants and decided to get into one of our stock watering tubs as it was being filled.   Too cute!

A Big Day

Our new buck Sam came home today.  Hermione and Bella were very happy to meet him.  We also moved Lizzie into the big pasture for the first time.  I predict she will drive everyone crazy over there.  🙂  Jack, as per usual, relaxes in the background watching all of the fuss.



23Our garden is officially in for this year.  Now we just need to keep the weeds, deer, bugs and drought at bay.

New Digs

25Our chicks got moved from their brooder to a giant portable dog pen in the chicken barn.  They are separated from our older hens for their own protection.  This gives the older hens a chance to get used to them before merging the flocks.  That one giant white one is the same age as the brown.  It’s the only Cornish Cross left after our hen-pecking incident where our older hens figured out how to get underneath the brooder and pecked them through the flooring, dang it.  That issue has been rectified for the next batch.  It’s always something.

Baby Broccoli

32This needs to hurry up and mature!  Aren’t the leaves a pretty color?


30It’s strawberry season, and our goats are very happy about that.  We shared a few of my mother’s day brunch berries with them.

Waiting At The Gate

31Lizzie is happy to see me when I show up to feed or visit her.  Mama sheep is just wondering if I have any grain for her.


22We’re just a few weeks from having garlic scapes, then a few more from harvesting heads.  We changed our starter garlic supplier for this season and have much healthier, happier plants than last year.   Two full raised beds full.  Yeah… we love garlic!


26Lizzie is learning to watch over both sheep and chickens.  She’ll be a multi-species guardian.  🙂

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