Not Fun

WaterWe’re on day #4 without water here on the farm.   Our well pump is broken  which means we’ve been buying drinking water from WalMart, showering next door and hauling pond water to our animals.  Fingers crossed it gets replaced today.




Health check day starts by herding the sheep into their feeding pen, which is never a problem.


Augusta and Beatrice were shorn last weekend. Both are full blooded Texels. They are very happy with the result, it’s hard to wear a fur coat in the summer.


Everyone got a vaccination, hoof trim, parasite check and, when, required, tick removal. Nobody ever said having animals is always fun!


Jack happily assisted with moving them to a new pasture.


My Favorite Blossom

BlossomWe’re going to have a ton of zucchini really soon.  Can’t wait!

A Very Important Visitor

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Our 3 year old grandson visited last weekend (and was kind enough to bring Mom and Dad with him).  He had a big old time.  Dominic collected every egg laid during his stay and helped us harvest garlic.  Grandpa took him fishing off our dock and out for a boat ride.  He was fascinated with the fireflies which we gathered then released.  It was a great Father’s Day weekend!

Spring Harvest

Spring1 Spring2We got away from the farm for a much needed vacation for a bit (hello, Bermuda!) and came home to a bounty of spring veggies ready to harvest.  We’re going to have the best garlic harvest ever.  This is just the start.  The shell peas are delicious in risotto and the carrots are fabulous roasted in olive oil and blood orange balsamic vinegar.  The shallot was just a test pull, the remainder of the bed will be harvested in a week or two.