Italian Idyll

Santa Marguerita

Our very first stop was Santa Marguerita Ligure. A lovely small port in northern Italy. Because of the size of our ship, we were able to visit lots of beautiful smaller ports. We just parked off-shore and rode the lifeboats into the harbor.


We took a shore excursion, which was on a ferry to a few gorgeous locations. This is the small Italian fishing village Camogli


A 10th century seaside monestary called the Abbey of San Fruttuoso


We found Portofino to be crowded, touristy and expensive. Not at all what we expected.


In Sicily, we took an excursion to Pupillo Winery which was originally a hunting retreat built in the Middle Ages. The current owners have been producing wine on the estate for four generations.


The estate’s garden was magical.


Wisteria over 100 years old. I would love to see it in bloom!


Our tour ended with wine tasting paired with some local delicacies served under that massive wisteria.

Santa Marguerita1

We loved Italy and would definitely like to return some day.


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