Glass Toys

GlassI just received this lovely sampler of terrazzo glass chips and can’t wait to play with them.  The first thing I’ll do is fire bits of them in the glaze test vessels I’ve been making over the past few days.  After I find some combinations I like, it’s time to get creative in the pottery studio.
















SO cute!  We’re up to 7 now.  They hang together like a tiny fluffy bouncy gang.

Someone’s About To Get In Trouble

6Beatrice had better get her nose out of FiFi’s dog bowl.  Period.

There’s Something Out There

PondSomething has been visiting our pond, as evidenced by footprints in the ice.  We’ve been keeping an eye out for the culprit, it’s been very sneaky… so far.

Pretty Baby

5A beautiful lamb in the hay feeder pauses to inspect the nice lady who visits the flock a few times every day.

Big Snow

FiFi Snow Snow SheepWe had about 15 inches here yesterday.  Brian’s been plowing our half mile driveway all morning.  Everyone seemed happy to have the barn for shelter, particularly since the snow is deeper than the sheep’s legs are long.  It’s in the 40’s today so should be gone before too long.  It’s pretty while it lasts.

A Beautiful Day

4We got almost a foot of hard packed snow here overnight and it’s still coming down.   Jack kept falling through the crunchy stuff on top so decided to ride out to the pasture instead of racing out there.

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