Decoys Evidently Work

Fishfeeding rings are situated at the deep end of our pond.  They’re like giant hula hoops.  The idea is you throw pelletized fish food into the rings.  It floats on top of the water and the fish learn to eat there.  It’s supposed to become their hangout place and are therefore make them easy to catch.  The rings came with the farm, we don’t use them.  We just throw fish food off of the dock.  The rings have captured a freefloating duck decoy one of our friends launched on our pond.  We get an occasional duck visitor to the pond.  They don’t stay long, I guess they’re just passing through.  This little visitor on the left found his fake friend on the right.  How disappointing it must have been.

Cornbread Stuffing

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Here’s my holiday stuffing recipe.  What I actually do is buy a bag of Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing and follow the recipe on the back, with lots of add ins.  The bag calls for melted butter and chicken broth.  I crumble, fry and drain a package of sausage and add it to the stuffing mix.  I saute shallots, celery and mushrooms in the amount of butter the package calls for and add it along with a package of raw cranberries and a huge diced apple.  The chicken broth gets added at the end and walnuts go into half.  It’s baked at 350 for 30-40 minutes.  If these ingredients sound good to you, the finished dish will be heaven!

My Bottle Baby

Summer has grown up to be a lovely doe.  She was Hermione’s third triplet.  She was very weak when she was born and her mom ignored her, that’s how I became her mom.  She still runs to me when I call her.   🙂

Doggy Jail

Jack isn’t allowed to help on poultry processing day, but he spends the day out with us.  We put him in the small pasture where he looks forlorn until he figures out he can hunt mice, play in the leaves, drag sticks around and basically do fun dog stuff while waiting to join the family.

Happy Thanksgiving!


He’s A Mean One

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See how this turkey is right next to the wall of the turkey tractor?  It’s because he’s trying to get at me.  Every time I open the door to feed them, he attacks me with his most menacing turkey defenses.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been pecked and jumped at.  Brian’s going to have to go in and get him…

How You Doin?

Milos meets one of the birds who are living in a chicken tractor up close and personal.   They both are extremely well behaved.  They’re used to seeing each other around the pasture, just not face to face.

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