Ectomobile Reimagined

I’ve had one of the incredible GSL Funeral Coaches for a while and couldn’t decide how I wanted to finish it. I kept flipping back and forth between painting it black and trying to make it authentic to the late 1800’s vs. making it into something really unconventional like a doughnut delivery vehicle. Once I got into my head that it’s basically a hearse, I hit on the idea of turning it into a funky version of the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1.

To get started, I set aside the wheels and chassis and laid out all of the pieces that form the coach’s body. This makes both assembly and planning out which pieces need to be painted what color very easy.

I used white, black and red paint for the coach. Here are all the pieces with the exception of the wheels which were painted black with metallic for the spokes.

Here is the main part of the coach’s body assembled using a bit of tacky glue.

The ectomobile carries a lot of equipment on it’s roof. I used the base of a GSL Suitcase 2.4 Inch for gear storage.

Finding stuff for the roof rack was pretty fun. I ended up using an Altoid tin, spent CO2 cartridge, some wooden beads, acrylic bits, spool, wire, light bulbs, sewing bobbin, and a black lego. The amber lights were made by gluing large rhinestones onto flat square silver beads. The satellite dish is made from a flower nail, which is the base you use when piping flowers from frosting.

I fretted over how to make a red light working only from stash then found a jar of these vase filler acorns. When you set a red one inside a polymer clay base and add a split key ring, I think the effect is quite convincing.

The vehicle needs a companion to ride along. I sculpted a Slimer out of polymer clay. Here is an in-process picture.

I glued the chassis in place, added some signage and it’s ready to roll.


When You Want BLTs For Dinner

And there’s no bread in the house… you bake!  These rolls are from Lionel Vatinet’s cookbook A Passion For Bread.  My favorite baker from my favorite bakery.