Practice Croissants

I am entering into the world of making croissants.  This is my second batch, my first went straight to the chickens.  The recipe I have is in grams, not teaspoons and cups.  I used a bakery conversion tool to translate ingredient amounts and they still came out too buttery.  We do have an electronic scale but it’s meant for the farmer’s market and only does pounds.  Time for a kitchen scale!


Miniature Easter Basket Assembly

Today on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog is my Easter Basket Assembly in Miniature. It’s made from a hidden drawer book box. You can check it out at



VHS Cassette Rental In Miniature

I was recently informed that VHS rental is coming back to fashion. My first reaction was – I need to celebrate this in miniature!  If you’d like to learn how it was made, step on over to:

Gypsy Soul Laser Items Used

Bookcase 1 to 12

Filmstrip Mini Sheets

Other Items Used


Acrylic paint

Tacky glue

Printed images

Scoring mat

Dollhouse bricks or wood scraps cut to size

Wooden tongue depressor

Wooden coffee stir sticks

Bits and bobs