We are fortunate enough to live about an hour from a cherry orchard.  Then again, we’re an hour from decent groceries, a Home Depot, movie theater, Thai restaurant and a whole lot of other things but I digress…  We go as close to sour cherry picking opening day as possible and missed it by two days this year so the pickings were pretty difficult.  Luckily there were two of us so we got a decent haul.  The vast majority of them went into homemade cocktail cherries.  I killed two bottles of Luxardo maraschino liqueur in the process.  Since they are canned, they will last us a few years.  Cheers!


Tea Keeper Cottage


I do love to relax with a cup of tea in the afternoon and always keep a box of tea bags on my kitchen counter.

When I saw the GSL Mini House Front Box I knew I could make something a lot cuter to hold them.

The little open top house comes in five pieces, easily assembled using tacky glue. If you are inspired by this piece to make your own, you can find a tutorial at