Our Best Day


Symi, Greece was delightful. Once again we docked just off of the harbor and took the lifeboats to shore. We opted out of the offered excursion and just strolled around the gorgeous little town instead.


The weather was perfection for late October. It was 76 degrees with clear skies.


So tempting…


Tiny fish hung near the yachts anchored there. The sea was crystal clear.


Back on board for a lunch buffet of Greek delicacies. We heard some commotion in the water at the back of the ship and realized we had missed the announcement that our captain decided to open the marina on the back of our ship and offer us water sports that afternoon.


There were sailboats, paddleboats and all sorts of fun things to do. We opted for an inflatable couch pulled behind a speedboat. They took us a few times around the ship, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. 🙂



The afternoon ended with a cocktail tasting arranged by the ship’s Bar Manager just for the two of us. We each now have new favorite cocktails, and know exactly how to make them at home. 


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