28In the pasture, my view of my boots always includes a goat named Summer.  She was one of Hermione’s 2012 triplets.  The smallest and youngest and weakest, aka a bottle baby.   I’ve raised other bottle babies before, including Mina and Bella who were our very first goats and a lamb or two along the way.  None are as attached to me as Summer.  I should have named her Shadow.


Tater Time

30Tis the season to get these babies in the ground.  These came from our local Southern States, we also saved some assorted fingerling potatoes ourselves from last year.  We’ll spend the morning in the garden then the afternoon in our pottery studio.  A good start to the weekend.

Gorgeous Boys

32Aren’t we raising some adorable kids?!



gotcha2Look what I found in the chicken house this morning!  We’ve been removing the chicken feeder at night and putting chicken food into the live trap.  See the boards laying around it?  Those were used to ‘disguise’ the trap.  I guess it kicked up a fuss when it was captured.  Too bad we didn’t have our stealth camera set up, I’d love to have seen a little video of that.  Is our problem over?  Hard to tell.  As my friend Helen says,’How do you know you’ve got the right one… he’s wearing a mask!’  Now what to do with him?  It’s illegal in Virginia to relocate them.  I have a call into a girlfriend who is a beginner taxidermist.  Hopefully she wants it.

Hair Sheep

19Here’s one of our Katahdin rams.  Instead of wool, he’s got hair.  It feels kind of like some dog breeds.  Hair sheep are becoming more popular with shepherds.  They don’t require shearing, which if you’re a spinner, that makes no sense.  If you’re a shepherd without an easy source for getting rid of fleece, it’s a pain and an expense.  The shearers we used this year travelled all the way to Virginia from Michigan, and we were thankful to be able to use them.  Hair sheep are also more resistant to intestinal parasites, which is a difficulty in this part of the country.  Probably every part of the country.   Hair breeds supposedly make up approx. 10% of the world’s sheep population and are growing in popularity.  We’re happy to have a few in our flock.

A Change Of Scenery

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I spent the last few days visiting family in central Florida, where I grew up.  My parents live on the St. Johns River, here’s some typical scenery from a leisurely boat ride with my dad.   I also visited with my daughter and her husband.  They are expecting their first baby in just two months.  We had fun working in the nursery, shopping for baby stuff and eating spicy food.  I bought the ingredients to make kimchee for the first time, I’m interested in any tips you might have if you make your own.


Eugenie EdwardEugenie had her lamb the day before she was shorn.  A little ram, we named him Phillip.  Beatrice is his grandma.


17Jack whizzes by on his outrun to gather sheep for their breakfast.  You’ve gotta love a dog with a job.

Best Buds

11These little guys hang out together all the time.   Pretty soon they will be butting heads but for now it’s all ‘what trouble can we get into today?’


Squirrel1 Squirrel2Jack loves to ride in the mule, it gives him a much better view of the squirrels along our driveway.

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