Tis The Season

The beauty berry bush we brought with us when we moved here is in it’s full Fall splendor.  I can’t grow a pumpkin to save my life but this spray of color outside my kitchen window puts me in the pumpkin season mood every year.





We plowed our potato patch a few months ago.  Brian discovered a vine growing in it a few weeks later and soon two watermelons showed up, nicer than any melon we’ve ever grown ‘on purpose’.  We decided to pick one and it’s fully ripe and totally delicious.  The thing is, we didn’t plant watermelons anywhere this year.  What a lovely surprise!

Getting Brave

One of the foxes that lives in our property next door is getting pretty bold.  We’ve seen it a few times in our back yard at dusk and recently on our driveway close to our house in full daylight.  This is a bit blurry because it ran a little ways when it saw me out with my camera, but turned to get one last look at me.  🙂


In Full Bloom

My one attempt at flowers this year.  Petunias from WalMart.  Our vegetable garden keeps us so busy there’s no time for pretty things.  I do use quite a bit of the thyme growing in the top of the planter.


Introducing A New Chicken To The Flock

We have a new addition to our flock.  A pretty little red hen.  Don’t ask where we got her…  😉   She has a little apartment in the hen house where she’ll be able to get adjusted to the rest of our girls.  It’s a goat carrier modified with a feeder, water and some place for her to feel secure at night.  We’ll let her join the rest of our chickens after about a week.  She awarded us with an egg about 2 hours after arriving at her new home.



I took this photo from our hot tub.  The blackberries are close enough to pick to add to a glass of champagne.  Life is good!


The only basil we have this year is grown on our back deck in pots.  I’ve made pesto twice now with the basil leaves, garlic, toasted pine nuts, parmesean, lemon and olive oil.  Toss that with pasta and some sauteed shrimp.  Yum!



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