Make A Wish Necklace

Here’s a cute little necklace I made with a tiny glass jar full of dandelion fluff.  I’ve had the ‘wish’ charm for a long time, this seemed like the perfect use for it.  If you’re interested, the tiny bottles can be ordered from Alpha Stamps and I’ve also seen them in the jewelry section of  Hobby Lobby.

Tomato Forest

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Here are the plants we started from saved seeds in January.  They will eventually end up on our back deck.  We have two other sizes from later plantings.  The next size down comes with me to the farmer’s market to sell as starter plants, and our small ones will be planted out in our raised beds once it’s safe to  do so.  We’ve been hand pollinating the flowers every morning and already have some tiny tomatoes.  Once again, we should be the first vendor with tomatoes at the market.

The Taster

Jessica likes to taste everything.  She believes it would be impolite not to.

Gardening Under Glass

Potatoes are still growing in one of our greenhouse beds.  Just a few of them, we’ve already harvested and eaten the rest as small or new potatoes.  I was saving the last few plants, hoping these would grow to maturity but a bunny kept hopping through our open greenhouse side curtains and digging them up and leaving them half eaten.  I threw a couple of bell jars (normally used for protecting tender plants from freezing) on the area where they were digging and look what happened.  Plants have sprouted and are growing like crazy.  We learn something every single week in our garden.


Those potatoes we planted a few weeks ago are coming up nicely.  IF we find the time to deal with these correctly this year, we’ll mound soil up around the plant as it grows taller which is supposed to result in a lot more tubers per plant.  Oh… and keep the plot weeded.  That’s a big if but it’s in the plans.  That’s an official gardening objective for 2012.   That’s poopy straw from underneath our chicken roosts.  We remove it every morning.  It’s there for both weed suppression and fertilization.  Pretty cool, eh?  I’m also planning to actually read my pumpkin seed packets for days to maturity in an attempt to have pumpkins (more than one would be lovely) in October this year.

Out And About

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Jenna’s feeling well enough to follow us out to the pasture so we’re letting her come along for the exercise.  She won’t get her stitches out for almost two more weeks so we don’t let her go in.  She wishes she could help get the sheep up for their breakfast.

Sing Out!

Chickadee babies in our feed room waiting for their mama.

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