Curiosity Cabinet

Today I am sharing a miniature display of curiosities I made from a GSL 6 x 6 Shadowbox. I’ve always been fascinated by curiosity cabinets and was inspired to fashion something in miniature that’s a nod to them. 

Here’s the box laid out. It has a large area on top and three smaller cubbies below. I assembled it using a bit of tacky glue.

Once the glue dried, I painted the front edges of the box and the walls of the small cubbies with brown acrylic paint. The paper I chose for the background is 7 Gypsies Sirene paper.

The little egg collection is made from scraps of polymer clay. They are displayed in a GSL Mini Cigar Box which is available over at Alpha Stamps. 

I painted it off white and glued the baked poly clay eggs in place. On the left side is something I’ve wanted to use in a project for a long time. My husband and I have kept bees on and off over the years. When you buy a package of bees it comes with a queen trapped inside a queen cage that is sealed with a sugar plug. Her worker bee attendants will eat through the sugar to release her into the hive. I removed the screen from the queen cage to use it as a mineral display case. 

The outside of the cage was pretty rough so I covered the top and sides with a wood grained scrapbook paper. I chose a few polished minerals to tuck inside. Also included in the top section are some printed images of curiosity collections, resin animal skull flatback cameos, small seashells and tiny treasures. The butterfly specimens are mounted on a craft wood frame. A guinea hen feather is tucked into a shark vertebrae I picked up on our travels. 

I had some shark teeth I picked up on the beach when I was a kid. I glued them onto a piece of craft stick painted off white.

 The lower cubbies display curiosities in little jars, miniature books, pearls & shells.

Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

6 x 6 Shadowbox

Mini Cigar Box Set

Other Supplies Used

Tacky glue

Acrylic paint

7 Gypsies Sirene paper

Printed images

Craft wood

Shells, shark teeth, pearls, tiny treasures

Miniature Halloween Market Stall

I have another project for Alpha Stamps today, one that is perfect for the season. This little stand works perfectly for a Halloween sweet treats market booth. I could see using this piece for so many different projects – a hot chocolate stand, Christmas market stall, farmer’s market stand, bakery pop-up, the possibilities are endless!

I started this project by making a platform from a House Ornament Base and a Small Brick Wall Stencil. After stabilizing the stencil with painter’s tape, I applied texture paste with a palette knife.

Once the paste was dry, I painted the entire surface with an off white acrylic paint which would become my grout color.

From there, I just randomly layered different shades of brown and orange paints onto the raised bricks.

The entire thing was finished during a crafty skype with a friend.

The market is made from a Small Rectangular Niche with Shelves. It comes with a front, back, niche and two little shelves (I only used one for this project). I painted the niche walls black and glued the sides in place. All of the paper I used in this project came from the Alpha Stamps October 2020 Halloween Market Kit.

Here is the assembled niche along with the market front wall.

The niche needed a bat shelf so made one out of one of the Chipboard Bats Set and a small section of bass wood. Sitting on the shelf are some jars I made from Amber Glass Beads, round head pins and some tiny bats that were included in the October kit.

It looks great glued in place.

Also included in the niche are some mini resin jars, Tiny Wrapped Gumballs, Red Apples, jars of microbeads & bats and dishes of polymer clay candy slices.

The jar of green bats was made by sifting through the Dark Polymer Clay Halloween Slice Mix. The jar lid was made from a metal bead and head pin.

The Market Stall Niche Add-On has a floor, facade, counter and two small connector pieces. Here is the floor covered in striped paper and the facade which has an Orange Pumpkin Border.

The counter is a chipboard box that gets folded up and glued together. I chose to paint the top black and paper the sides with this great bat paper.

This market of course needs a cauldron. I painted a Metal Cauldron with black nail polish after giving it a good wash with soap and water. It came out nice and shiny!

To fill the pot, I made eyes from the Eyeballs Collage Sheet and some 10mm Round Glass Cabochons. So creepy!

For the counter top I painted a couple of Tiny Wooden Bowls and filled them with more polymer clay slices.

The candied apples are made from green polymer clay that got some brown and red chalk highlights after it was baked off. A toothpick stick was glued in place and they were dipped in a mixture of red acrylic paint and Glossy Accents.

Cotton Candy was made from tiny bits of roving inside a small cellophane bag. They are hung from tiny clothespins that I decorated and glued in place onto one of the stall supports.

When my girls were little, we used to decorate blown eggs for Halloween. That inspired me to make some in miniature from polymer clay. They are displayed in a small basket on top of Mini Easter Basket Grass. I’ve set it on top of a decorated One Inch Wooden Block.

I used a Mini Sandwich Board Set to make a sign showing some of the treats for sale.

I hope your holiday brings you lots and lots of full sized sweet treats. Happy Halloween!

You can find all of the wonderful Alpha Stamps products I used HERE.

Miniature Halloween Cabinet

I had fun decorating one of my absolute favorite pieces to work with – a GSL China Cabinet 1 to 12 for Halloween. It was fun finding and making spooky little objects to put in the display.

Here are the cabinet pieces laid out. The cabinet also comes with upper and lower doors but I wanted this to be an open cabinet so I set those aside for some future use.

Once it was assembled with tacky glue, I painted the walls and exterior with black acrylic paint.

For the back interior wall, I used two different papers – an orange dot from DCWV and Graphic 45’s An Eerie Tale floral which I fussy cut for the middle shelf.

To make the stand up ghosts I cut apart a scrapbook border I had in my stash and glued them to small wood blocks that were painted white.

I had a Haunted Mansion Madame Leota miniature game that a friend made me and I wanted to include, which gave me the idea of making a Madame Leota crystal ball. It’s made from a Idea-Ology snowglobe, a printed image and some teal roving.

I embossed the word ‘Boo!’ from the GSL Spooky Shape Set and glued it in place. I added a few printed heads in jars, a trick or treat bucket, a doll’s eye and a vial of poison made from a Christmas light bulb dipped in red paint and set inside a mini glass bottle.

Madame Leota was joined by a Hagen-Renaker porcelain frog and a plastic spider web. That darling GSL Miniature Ouija Board is available over at Alpha Stamps.

Those little ghosts went in one of the bottom cubbies, along with the Madame Leota game and a miniature skull.

The cabinet was finished with a bat sticker from Jolee’s Boutique 3D Halloween Embellishments – Animal Skeletons.

Happy Halloween!

Ectomobile Reimagined

I’ve had one of the incredible GSL Funeral Coaches for a while and couldn’t decide how I wanted to finish it. I kept flipping back and forth between painting it black and trying to make it authentic to the late 1800’s vs. making it into something really unconventional like a doughnut delivery vehicle. Once I got into my head that it’s basically a hearse, I hit on the idea of turning it into a funky version of the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1.

To get started, I set aside the wheels and chassis and laid out all of the pieces that form the coach’s body. This makes both assembly and planning out which pieces need to be painted what color very easy.

I used white, black and red paint for the coach. Here are all the pieces with the exception of the wheels which were painted black with metallic for the spokes.

Here is the main part of the coach’s body assembled using a bit of tacky glue.

The ectomobile carries a lot of equipment on it’s roof. I used the base of a GSL Suitcase 2.4 Inch for gear storage.

Finding stuff for the roof rack was pretty fun. I ended up using an Altoid tin, spent CO2 cartridge, some wooden beads, acrylic bits, spool, wire, light bulbs, sewing bobbin, and a black lego. The amber lights were made by gluing large rhinestones onto flat square silver beads. The satellite dish is made from a flower nail, which is the base you use when piping flowers from frosting.

I fretted over how to make a red light working only from stash then found a jar of these vase filler acorns. When you set a red one inside a polymer clay base and add a split key ring, I think the effect is quite convincing.

The vehicle needs a companion to ride along. I sculpted a Slimer out of polymer clay. Here is an in-process picture.

I glued the chassis in place, added some signage and it’s ready to roll.

When You Want BLTs For Dinner

And there’s no bread in the house… you bake!  These rolls are from Lionel Vatinet’s cookbook A Passion For Bread.  My favorite baker from my favorite bakery.

Dolores Umbridge’s Office Cupboard

Here’s a Harry Potter inspired miniature featuring one of the series’ all time villains – Dolores Umbridge (lover of cats and all things pink).  It was made from a Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts 3 panel hutch.  Details can be found at

Trojan Rabbit

Today on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog I am sharing a Monty Python and the Holy Grail inspired project crafted from a small house-shaped shadowbox.

I Once Had A Green Watering Can

But three years ago a Carolina wren built a nest inside it and that was that.  Every year she comes back to the nest she built.  This year she laid more eggs than ever and when they hatched we got to watch her bring dead bugs to them.  Since it’s right outside the kitchen window I happened to catch the babies venturing out for their first flights and grabbed a camera.  If mom or one of the babies comes back next year, the nest will be there.  It belongs to them.

My Teenage Bedroom In Miniature

My latest project for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts is a reproduction of my bedroom as a teen.  This project came together super fast and was super fun to work on!  It stands about 7 inches tall.


I had these posters! The record player was made from a miniature suitcase.

I sewed up a little bean bag chair for the stuffed animal. There is a chemistry textbook on the shag rug covered in a bit of grocery bag.

A few board games and Creepy Crawlers!

The bookcase has a pet rock, magic 8 ball, black and white TV, silly putty egg and a Green Ghost game (one of my favorites).


In The Garden

All we’ve harvested so far are radishes and horseradish but finally have some fun stuff coming in.  In the raised beds we have spinach and potato plants coming up.  In the greenhouse we have peas and a bed of kohlrabi and beets.  Indoors we have basil and tomato plants waiting for our last frost.

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