Pretty in Pink

I am happy to share another project for Alpha Stamps today. They have a new Room Box with a Curved Facade at the top which is a really nice size for setting a scene. At 8 by 10 inches it’s the perfect dimension to design a space using 1:12 furniture. I had tons of ideas of what to use it for an settled on a parlor with a fireplace focal point. The pink and white color scheme was determined when I saw the the gorgeous new Antique Roses 12×12 paper pack.

I got started on this project with the Narrow Victorian Fireplace. Once it was assembled using tacky glue, I added a stone facade using the Small Stone Wall Stencil. These stencils are made of mylar which makes them both easy to both use and clean.

I made a fancy embellishment for the front of the fireplace using the French Flourishes Silicone Mold and white polymer clay. I love using these molds because they can be popped right inside the oven to bake the clay off. Texture paste was used for the stones and the fluorish embellishment was set into the wet paste while it dried overnight.

I papered the interior of the fireplace with a dark gray paper and used a wooden craft stick cut to size for the mantle. The entire thing got a coating of white acrylic paint to bring the look together. I love the idea of a grouping of candles inside a fireplace, let me show you how those were made.

The candles themselves are cylinders of white polymer clay that were cut to different heights and indented using a ball stylus sculpting tool. The wicks were simply made from thread that was stiffened with white glue and cut to length. I used a straight pin to make a holes inside the candles where the wicks were inserted.

The wax drips are white Liquid Sculpey that was carefully painted down the sides of the candles.

All ready for baking. I bake my polymer clay on porcelain tiles in a toaster oven I use only for crafting.

I’ve had a white resin deer head sitting in my stash forever. I was waiting for a project to showcase it in and this was it. I decided the mount needed a fancy floral wreath and made one by twisting floral wire to the diameter I needed then attaching Pink Tiny Paper Roses and Light Pink Tiny Mulberry Blossoms. Easy peasy!

The wreath and the deer were attached to a white wooden disk. I kind of want a full sized version of this in my own house.

The Candlestick Table Kit couldn’t be easier to assemble. Just 3 pieces to glue together.

To get this little table any color you want all it takes is a coat of primer then a few coats of acrylic paint. That fancy white miniature porcelain pumpkin is a Pumpkin Pod that was enameled with white nail polish.

White porcelain plates were decorated with pink floral water slide nail decals and displayed on a 1:12 Shelf painted white.

The interior walls are painted with a pale pink acrylic. I cut some of those gorgeous flowers from the antique roses paper to add a bold floral wall mural look to the room.

After assembling the room box with tacky glue I chose a pale wooden plank paper for the floor and added a few additional artsy embellishments for the walls: a Mini Tudor Rose Single on the left side of the fireplace and a painting on the right made from one of the Mini Frames Set painted white framing a Victorian lamb image. The mirror on the right is made from metallic silver cardstock inset into another of the Mini Frames.

Keeping with the floral theme, I chose a Henna Floral Flourish for the curved facade. It was painted pale pink and one of the roses cut from the paper set was centered beneath it.

To the left of the fireplace is an Unfinished Side Table painted white. On top of it sits a topiary made from a 1 Inch Styrofoam Ball covered with Green Turf Grass. The topiary sits inside one of the Set of Miscellaneous Flower Pots primed and painted white. I think I have used one of those flower pots in my last 5 projects! Beneath the table is a Micro Mini White Kitten.

To the right of the fireplace is the candlestick table & pumpkin plus a vase of Pink & Cream Variegated Mini Rose Buds.

I made a cozy resting spot in front of the fireplace that includes a Mini Cup of Coffee with Spoon, a book of ghost stories made from a Miniature Book and a cover from the Little Library Collage Sheet. The rug is a bit of faux fur I found at a fabric store. I always wander through the trim and notions section to see if anything grabs my attention.

The Antique Roses paper is just full of shabby chic vintage goodness! You can find all of the supplies I used in this project HERE.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Betty Fassett
    Jul 09, 2022 @ 09:30:16

    lovely my dear


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  3. Tracy
    Jul 11, 2022 @ 08:18:13

    It came out so good! The ghost stories book is a delightful little detail.


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