Mother Daughter Weekend

Our daughter Claire met me in NYC this past weekend for a whirlwind touristy visit.  We met at LaGuardia at 7AM.  Considering we live 90 minutes from the nearest airport, you can imagine what time we had to wake up Friday morning.  At the end of the weekend we had walked a total of 17 miles and dodged the NYC marathon.  Here are some crappy cell phone photos of a few of the highlights.  I think we need to go back when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hits Broadway in a year or two.


We saw the musical School of Rock on Broadway, it was better than the movie.


We went to Mood Fabrics and met their mascot Swatch. The three floors of thousands and thousands of fabric bolts was seriously overwhelming.


We visited the Museum of Modern Art.


And the 9/11 Museum.


And the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This Tiffany stained glass was probably my favorite thing on display.


Besides King Henry VIII’s armor, obviously made for him during his chubby period.

Happy Halloween


Here are some of the spooky crafts I’ve been working on.  Happy Halloween!


A miniature Halloween party.


A moon-gazing bunny sitting in a pumpkin patch. It’s assembled in an Altoid tin.


A miniature wicked fireplace. It stands about 5 inches tall.


A vintage trick or treater on top of a thread spool.


A lovely witch art doll. Goode Pumpernickel and her cat Soot.


A batty pottery shrine.





Bucket List Meal


Burrata and cherry tomato salad over greens with toasted pine nuts and balsamic dressing. I’ve always wanted to try burrata, which is a fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream. It’s delicious!


Creamy salmon pasta with dill. Yum.


Sesame crusted beef tataki with wasabi mashed potatoes.

When we looked over the excursions offered for our trip we were intrigued by a guided city walk in San Remo followed by lunch in a Michelin Star Restaurant.  Until we saw the $375/person price tag.  Woah!  Since eating in a Michelin Star restaurant is something we’ve always wanted to do, I started researching the Michelin Guide to see if there were any other options that we could do on our own.  What I discovered is there are hundreds of them in the Mediterranean.  We selected Nacional Beef in Antibes, France that not only had the Michelin logo for 2016 on their front window but also ones from 2014 and 2015.  We had a delicious al fresco meal including wine for under 70 euros.


St Tropez


There was a Cannes to St. Tropez yacht race the day we visited. We were surrounded by gorgeous boats all day.


A different perspective from our lifeboat tender.


This apartment complex has boat slips instead of a parking lot.


The Chanel boutique apparently was by invitation only.


A shop dedicated to truffles. Who knew?


Another Beautiful Market


We went shopping with the chef again in the port of Sanary Sur Mer, France. Like almost all of our stops, the village had a beautiful carousel.


The market was an explosion of color.


Gorgeous greens.


Would we like an artichoke appetizer delivered to us at dinner this evening?


Yes please!

Caviar In The Pool

A Seabourn Signature Event in the Caribbean is something called Caviar in the Surf.  During a beachside picnic, senior staff arrives in uniform and wades into the ocean to serve caviar and champagne off of a surfboard.  In the Mediterranean it’s done in one of the swimming pools onboard.  We prefer to have ours delivered by room service.  🙂



Shopping With The Chef in Valencia


When this tour bus pulled up I had to giggle. Besides me and Brian, only one other couple had signed up to go. We also had the chef and a kitchen staffer with a large cart to tote everything he purchased back to the ship.


Valencia’s central market was gorgeous! It has almost 1000 stalls and was a little overwhelming


The fruit and vegetables were beautiful.


Being a port town, there were lots of unusual things from the Mediterranean. Who knew there were so many kinds of seaweed?


Besides basil, carrots and a large variety of cheeses, the chef bought a large variety of cured and fresh sausages for the next day’s lunch.


These looked a lot like a cross between crab claws and elephant feet. They were actually extremely expensive(60 euros/lb.) goose barnacles. We sampled them, they were pretty un-tasty.


The seafood in the market was so fresh and beautiful.


Chef kept asking us if there was anything there we wanted him to make for us. Would we like some giant prawns? Yes please!


They were delivered to our cabin for the most decadent room service dinner ever.

Valencia, Spain was our first port and we immediately called to sign up for Shopping with the Chef as soon as we saw it on the Valencia schedule.  We did this last year in Livorno, Italy and it was a highlight of our trip. It’s a free excursion that included a guided tour of the city.




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