My Favorite Blossom

BlossomWe’re going to have a ton of zucchini really soon.  Can’t wait!

A Very Important Visitor

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Our 3 year old grandson visited last weekend (and was kind enough to bring Mom and Dad with him).  He had a big old time.  Dominic collected every egg laid during his stay and helped us harvest garlic.  Grandpa took him fishing off our dock and out for a boat ride.  He was fascinated with the fireflies which we gathered then released.  It was a great Father’s Day weekend!

Spring Harvest

Spring1 Spring2We got away from the farm for a much needed vacation for a bit (hello, Bermuda!) and came home to a bounty of spring veggies ready to harvest.  We’re going to have the best garlic harvest ever.  This is just the start.  The shell peas are delicious in risotto and the carrots are fabulous roasted in olive oil and blood orange balsamic vinegar.  The shallot was just a test pull, the remainder of the bed will be harvested in a week or two.


RIP Hermione

HermioneAnd Bella, and Kat, and Savannah and four more of our sheep who were killed by three neighborhood dogs who crawled under our fence last night.  We caught one, the sheriff caught another and one got away.  We were within our rights to kill the dogs but decided to let the county euthanize them instead.  It’s a very sad day here.


YeastI’m continuing to baby the sourdough starter I made in baking class.  I’m kind of amazed that we began with just flour, water and a little honey.  It’s picked up wild yeasts from the atmosphere.  I feed it twice a day with organic flour and well water.  Our chickens eat what we can’t use.  They love it!

Bitters, Day 1

BittersI started an experimental batch of cocktail bitters this past weekend.  It’s got orange peel, dried cherries, cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean, cardamom pods and cloves steeping in vodka.  After a few weeks I’ll strain out the solids and add a little simple syrup.  Summer cocktail season is just around the corner.

Second Year In A Row

Dove Dove1A dove has built her nest in the eaves of our back porch cover just above where we have dinner every night.  She must have remembered the protected spot from last year.  We tried to discourage her but she’s very persistent, so we’ve decided she’s welcome to stay.

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