Felt Play Mat

For Dominic’s fourth birthday, I made him a felt play mat featuring some of his favorite places/things.  On the left hand side is our garden and green barn, along with our pond.  At the top is a fire station and a construction site for trucks.  In the center is a neighborhood.  I couldn’t resist making one of the houses a haunted house then decided it could just be Halloween in the neighborhood as that’s his favorite time of year.  At the bottom you’ll find some of his favorite places to go.  McDonalds or ‘The Restaurant’, Target (one of my favorites, too) and Sea World.   His Mom and Dad have annual passes there.  Finally, a parking lot.  Along with the mat we gave him a bunch of Matchbox cars and tiny farm animals.  And some Star Wars vehicles.  🙂


Kiln Opening Day

It’s always super exciting to open our kiln to see the results of what we’ve been working on for so long.  It takes us a good while to make enough to fill our kiln.  Brian does wheel work while I hand build in another room.  Once everything has dried out for a few days it gets the first bisque firing which takes a full day plus cool down time.  Then we have to glaze everything and that takes a day or two.  The final firing is a full two day process, including cool down.  For someone like me with limited patience, this can be very trying.  🙂  Here’s a sample of what we made this round.

A sampling of Brian’s bowls. I love his double glaze technique.

I’ve been goofing around with melting glass. The larger pieces are ring dishes. The smaller ones will be used in my miniature work as platters and dishes. You can purchase tiny dishes online but they’re super expensive. The smallest bowl is about the size of a dime.

I’ve been playing around with pottery stamps and my newest glaze. I love the blue highlights.



Farm Frittata

For breakfast this morning I decided to try my hand at a frittata for the first time.  It was to die for!  It’s got garlic, shallot, spinach, potato and asparagus from our garden, eggs from our hen house, goat cheese from our freezer and ham from WalMart because Brian won’t let me have pigs…  🙂

Spring Harvest

This morning we harvested surely what must be the last of the asparagus, our first salsa peppers, a LOT of potatoes, some garlic, a sampler carrot and spring onion and some spinach and beet greens. I am thinking frittata.

New Addition

To the family, not the farm.  🙂  Our daughter Tracy and her husband Brad just welcomed a daughter to their family.  Dominic is the proudest big brother.  Her name is Maxine and she’s precious!


The Garden Is In

Our garden is completely planted for this year.   We’re approaching our last possible frost date with temperatures in the 80s in the forecast.  The only thing missing is zucchini and we will squeeze it in somewhere if we find some starter plants.

Every bed is planted.

The garlic should have scapes soon.

Future cabbage.

Jerusalem artichoke rhizomes. We’ve wanted these for a while but never think about them until the growing season is over. All of our normal seed suppliers were completely out. I found these on Etsy.

Hot peppers started from seed indoors.

Can’t wait for these to flower so we can enjoy some new potatoes.

Poblanos and jalepenos are already starting to flower.

New Tenants

The fox family that lives in our annex pasture has expanded.  They totally ignore our sheep when they’re over there.  The den is near our front gate.  We’ve seen five of them so far.

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