Early Winter Feeding

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Our pasture has gone dormant for the winter.  Our sheep and goats have eaten just about every blade of grass so we’ve started feeding large bales of hay.  One thing different between this year and last is we had the 3+ acre annex property we purchased next door fenced.  It’s got a pretty nice singlewide trailer that we’re using both for spillover company and as a ceramic studio, a small barn, an orchard and a beat up storage building.  And lots of lush grass, woods and a spring.  We keep our young does over there and let the sheep in for the day.  They wait for us at the gate in the morning, and Jack loves to go find them and bring them home in the evening.

All Grown Up

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Mina’s little guy Godric has grown up to be very handsome.  We’ve decided to keep our 2012 kids because of the annex property we bought next door.  There are three acres in woods to be browsed down and goats are the perfect solution.

What It Looks Like Here

Bradford pears by our driveway in full color!

A New Pastime

Jack evidently saw a mouse here once… He’s been digging to China there for over a week now.  It’s right outside our feed room so I’m sure it’s possible.  He leaps with joy in our pumpkin patch chasing field mice.  Simple pleasures.

Our New T-Shirt Logo

This was a surprise from our daughter Tracy.  She does apparel design for a living and thought we needed new tees.  We do!  She’s also responsible for our farm logo and website design.  🙂

Where’s The Dog?

Our sheep tentatively peek into the barn looking for Jack.  They think they’d like to come in, but not if he’s around.


My Gus is one of the original three sheep we purchased for our farm.  She’s one of only two of our sheep (Beatrice is the other) who comes when I call her.  I think it’s because she knows I’ll protect her from Jack.  She likes to sniff my face.

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