I Wonder If They Were Any Good?

We have… er had blueberries.  There’s been a chipmunk hanging around the back deck and we found a half eaten tomato the other day.  He’s an elusive little bugger.

Today’s Harvest

Cabbages, our first tomatoes and Snow’s Fancy cucumbers.  I’ve already started making pickles.  I’ve got two quarts put up so far which is good because we just opened the last quart of 2011 at dinner last night.

A Sour Experiment

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We’ve been harvesting cabbage and can only eat so much coleslaw so I decided to try something new.  Sauerkraut in a jar.  I did a lot of research and ended up deciding on a recipe that uses shredded cabbage, mustard seeds, juniper berries, pickling salt, honey and brine in a sterile jar.  It’s stored in a dark spot (our pantry) and should be ready in about 6 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted…


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We harvested one of hopefully two batches of honey from our two hives this week.  It was a record haul (for us).  A couple of the frames had brood, so a few bees were born in our kitchen during the process.  It was a sweet, sticky, long day.

Uncanned Peas

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It’s pea season around here and I put some in the freezer this week.  You shell them, boil them for 2 minutes, dunk in ice water then drain and freeze them in serving sizes.  These are destined for creamy lemon pasta with peas next winter.  I like to plan ahead!

Still Going Strong

Our asparagus patch is still giving us spears, we pick some every day.  We grill it with olive oil, salt and pepper, steam it or broil it wrapped in bacon.  Leftovers go into a cheesy risotto.  We’re in our third month of asparagus harvest.  Once they’re gone, it will be a good six months before I miss it enough to pay grocery store prices to have them again.

A Southern Thing

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We had the great fortune to be invited to a cookout last weekend where we met two lovely documentary filmmakers who recently completed a short film titled Pimento Cheese, Please!  which is kind of a love poem to this southern delicacy.  Did I have the nerve to make a batch and take it?   You bet I did.  It was very well received (they took home the leftovers).  I thought I’d share the recipe here.  It’s pretty simple stuff, just 5 ingredients; 8 oz. of sharp cheddar cheese,  3 Tbsp. of Duke’s mayo, 2 0z. of drained pimentos, 2 good splashes of worchestershire sauce and hot pepper flakes to taste.   Oh, and salt & pepper.  It’s best served on a saltine cracker.  Go ahead and make some, you know you want to.  And while you’re at it, have a look at their short film, it’s awesome!   http://vimeo.com/31515064

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