Welcome George!

Today was a first.  We pulled a lamb this morning.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  Savannah pushed and pushed until she was exhausted so we put on surgical gloves and went in after him.  He’s a strong one.  He was up on his feet before his mama was.  We gave her a few shots and some calcium gel and she’s up and on the mend.  Now that we’ve done it once, we’ll be able to easily do it again.  But are hoping we don’t have to!

Tracy – You Need a New Toothbrush, Too

Bindi got into the upstairs bathroom again and procured the remaining toothbrush from the holder.  We decided to let her have this one, hoping to spare ours if she ever clamps her eye on them in the master bath.  She also procured a mousetrap (with a mouse) that we searched for days to find.  Bad kitty.

Octomom’s Kids

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Mina finally delivered.  Despite her huge girth, she really and truly only had two in there.  A buckling and a doeling, born on St. Patrick’s Day.  Jenna is fascinated by all of our farm babies, particularly the white ones.  I think she’s trying to figure out if they’re sheep or not.  They’re doing fantastic.  We’ve got them moved to the big pasture where they’re running amok with the other babies, while keeping Mom in close range.   We think we’ve got one more doe left to kid, and four more ewes left to lamb.

Seven Pounds

That’s how much fleece we got off of Beatrice last weekend.  It’s going to be 80 degrees today so the sheep are pretty happy to have their winter coats gone.   I’m going to list a fleece on ebay this weekend to see how it goes.

Our Winter Garden

Lettuce, spinach, carrots and a few beets.  That’s what we’ve got growing in our greenhouse bed.  We haven’t fired up the heater yet, we’ve just been making sure everything stays watered.  We’ve been eating from here all winter, and plan to quadruple the indoor garden space before next winter hits.  This will become unusable when it gets consistently warm out.  The greenhouse gets really hot inside during the summer.  But it’s genius for growing cool season crops in the winter.

Getting Big

Aren’t they adorable?  This was an unusual shot, normally all four lambs and the kid hang together.  They’re  like a little gang whose purpose in life is to run amok.  The kid got his head stuck in the fence yesterday.  We found him screaming his head off when we went out to check for more babies right before dark last night. I’m pretty sure the lambs dared him to do it.

Milking Season

Hermione is an awesome milker.  I’m getting close to a quart from her every morning.  We let her spend the day with her buckling in the big pasture then move her over to the small pasture with the pregnant sheep and goats and Zeus and Xena for the evening.  I milk in the morning after feeding chores and then she goes back to the big pasture for the day.  My chevre recipe calls for a gallon of goat milk and feta calls for two.  Looks like we’ll be enjoying cheese again really soon.

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