Shearing Day

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We took seven of our sheep to a neighbor’s farm for shearing.  They hire a professional shearer to come for the day, and serve delicious smoked lamb ribs for lunch.  Four fiber artists attended to help with skirting the fleece.  That’s when you remove any poop or vegetation that may be stuck to the fleece, a lovely job.  We had to take off Nellie Belle’s bell collar before she had a turn.  We keep one sheep belled in case they escape from our pasture.  It’s easier to find the flock (they all hang together) if  you can hear a bell.  Luckily, they’ve never escaped.  Everyone was remarkably calm during the shearing with one exception.  I’m looking at you, Beatrice!  At least she didn’t take the shearer’s prize this year as being the worse one of the day like she did last year.  I have four texel fleece I’m planning on selling.  The other three are texel/katahdin mix.  Their fleece will go into our garden.  It’s an annual process, it’s nice to have shearing over for the year.


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