That Sinking Feeling

dsc03489When you live remotely and realize you’re the only one of your neighbors without power.  We investigated the source last night in the pitch black and found we had a tree across our driveway that took out a few panels of our fence and about 300 feet of power line.  Brian had to walk the lonnggg way around in the dark to get our gate open for the power company.  We were concerned that our entire pasture fence might be electrified.  Luckily the sheep were sleeping in the barn at the time so we just closed them in for the night.  Power is restored, sheep have been relocated to another pasture, now the fun begins…


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  1. loramahaffey
    Jan 24, 2017 @ 10:04:39

    Glad everybody is okay and you can get on with repairs. Want me to bring you supper?


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