A Culinary Backstreets Walk

We booked a Culinary Backstreets Walk in Barcelona after reading superb reviews of them online.  We selected their Made in Catalonia tour, which lasted 6.5 hours.  There were six of us on the tour, plus our guide.


Our guide met us carrying churros and chocolate sauce to dip them in. We enjoyed this very much and brought home a chocolate dipping sauce mix for about $1.50. Now I just need to learn to make churros.


Our guide took us to his favorite restaurant where he ordered two dishes for us to share. One was a fried sopressada with runny fried eggs drizzled with rosemary honey. The other was a snoot and hoof terrine served over smoky local beans.


Next stop was a small nut shop where we tried marcona almonds and tiger nuts, which is what the drink horchata is made from in Spain.


A confectionery was next on our agenda. We tried five different small bites, including chocolate covered marcona almonds.


Monibiric was next, we tried both white and black iberico cured ham.


From here we stopped at a local market. We sampled a few different kinds of cured sausages and local cheeses.


And something called coca, which had anchovies and olives on it. Yum.


And olives. Our first of many on this vacation.


We didn’t try any eggs, but as an egg purveyor, I was fascinated. This vendor had everything from quail to duck to emu to ostrich to ordinary chicken eggs.


Our lunch included spring onions that had been treated for a few days in freezing cold water to remove their bite then served with olive oil and pepper.


And some really delicious snails.


And a salt cod and potato dish. I wonder where I’ll find salt cod in the US?


From lunch we stopped at a local bodega for a glass of cava, our very favorite sparkling wine.


And we finished with a taste of horchata, a lovely sweet chilled drink. This was an experience to remember and we’d absolutely do another one in a different city if it was offered.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracy
    Oct 11, 2016 @ 16:43:28

    Horchata is getting pretty trendy isn’t it? I think it’ll be a big holiday drink in America this winter. I spy Humboldt Fog! I think they sell salt cod at my asian and latino markets, which I know you have so many to choose from around where you are :p


  2. loramahaffey
    Oct 12, 2016 @ 07:39:47

    Welcome back! I know you had a wonderful time!


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