Where We’ve Been

sunsetWe got away from the farm, and I mean really far away for a few weeks in the Mediterranean once again on the Seabourn Sojourn. What we really wanted to do was a food and wine themed cruise with Seabourn but they only do 1-2 a year and they are always either to a destination we’re not interested in or in a time of year we’re unable to travel so we decided to come up with our own food and wine vacation. Autumn is a really easy time for us to get away. Nothing much left in the garden, no seeds to plant, no lambs being born, etc. My folks were kind enough to come watch our place and they almost made it the entire time we were gone except they live in a direct hit area for Hurricane Matthew, so they left a day early to batten down the hatches. I’m still getting over jet lag and have mountain of laundry so will take my time over the next few days documenting our amazing travels. Welcome aboard!


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  1. Janice
    Oct 13, 2016 @ 10:46:13

    What a great trip! I hope your folks didn’t have any serious issues
    With Matthew.


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