Summer Days

FlyBrian is out fishing from our dock while I’m in the kitchen canning dill pickles and cherry amaretto jam.  A typical summer day.


Unusual For Us

ZucchiniWe try growing zucchini every year with no success.  We grow without chemical pesticides so some dang bug always gets to them.  We evidently fooled them this year because we’ve just started harvesting squash along with our daily haul of cucumbers.

Happy Fourth of July

PotatoesFrom Missing Willow Farm.

Just The Start

PicklesOur cucumbers are making their way from the garden into jars, with garlic, dill, hot pepper, mustard seeds and pickling spices.  They’re ready to be stored away for picnics, hamburgers, hot dogs (and our daughters who love them).


21ShallotsWe grew a half bed of shallots this season.  They yielded so well that we’ve got enough to save and plant next year.

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