Five So Far

3We have five lambs so far with more on the way.  I hope the pregnant ones hold off until after our big storm tomorrow.  Weather models are predicting anything between 1 and 14 inches for us here.   We’ve cycled the generator, gassed up the vehicles and I’m running for a few groceries today while Brian puts the scraper blade on our tractor so we should be all set.


Our Empty Bowl Project

Bowl1Brian and I signed up to donate 50 bowls for our community’s Empty Bowl Event to fight hunger  and we ended up making 75.  I am a lot better on the pottery wheel because of this project so win-win!

Ramses, The Tall

2Kat’s little ram has legs that don’t quit. He’s a handsome little thing, and very fast.

Cuteness Overload

1These two are BFF’s.  They run and leap together (near their mamas of course) then flop exhausted into the hay for naptime.  They’re fun to watch, hard to catch and awesome to snuggle with.

Winter Wonderland

SnowIt looks like I used a blue filter for this photo but that’s the actual color of our front yard when it snows.   We don’t get much around here and it leaves us pretty quickly so it’s fun while it lasts.  The goats hang out and pout in the barn while it snows.  The sheep could care less, they are wearing winter coats after all.

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