Micro1We produce microgreens, which are tiny tasty plants.  Beets, garlic chives, parsley, kohlrabi, broccoli are all examples of what we grow.  These little containers anchor us to the farm more than the livestock as they are watered twice a day.  Vacations are elusive, thankfully we love being here.

Safety In Numbers

FlockOur sheep flock together for safety when Jack is around.  Hermione couldn’t care less.  He ignores the goats and visa versa.  Occasionally we’d like him to fetch our goats from the far side of the pasture but it’s not an option.  We have to resort to shaking a bucket of food.  Works every time.


TractorThe deer bedding, aka our potato patch, has been plowed under for the season.  As always, I am thankful our ‘real farmer’ neighbors can’t see us plowing our teeny tiny plot with a non-tiny tractor.  We also use it to bush hog our pasture, turn our compost, dig holes, transport immobile animals (don’t ask…),  scrape our half mile driveway and we’re mighty glad we have it when it snows.  And it keeps us from a backbreaking day of hand turning that garden patch.

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