A Hazard Of The Season

JackWith more Sycamore leaves off the tree than on these days,  Jack frequently ‘fetches’ more than just his favorite toy.

Still Producing

TomatoesThe tomato plants in the greenhouse are still producing.  We’ve been hand pollinating the tomato flowers since our efforts to keep the squirrels out are also keeping the insects out.


10We’ve got ginger growing in the greenhouse.  It’s a culinary experiment that will hopefully turn out well.  I figure if citrus grows in there, ginger should also.  I’m making Asian chicken tacos with a peanut satay sauce for dinner.  This will help.


GusOur sheep are getting fluffy again, just in time for the cold weather.  We’ll shear again in March, so they’ll be toasty over the winter. Augusta and Beatrice are my two most favorite ladies.  They know their names and  come when I call them…  sometimes.  Gus came to us with the ear damage.  She used to have ear tags.  I guess she doesn’t like wearing jewelry.

Tiny Plants

MicrosWe didn’t prepare this dish, chef Bruno of The Landing restaurant did (and holy hell was it delicious)!  We did, however, grow the microgreens on top.  Garlic chives, bull’s blood beets and micro cilantro.  They pair quite well with amazingly prepared shrimp and pork belly I must say.  😀

That Time Of Year

GarlicWe received our annual shipment of garlic and shallot starts yesterday, we have two raised beds prepped and waiting to be planted.  Our hot peppers and fig trees have been relocated inside the greenhouse.  The fishing line deer fence around our garden is down so the potato bed can be plowed under.   October garden chores are in full swing.

Vincent Price’s Living Room

VP1Here’s a tiny diorama I recently finished.  It’s set inside an Altoid mint tin.   There’s popcorn sitting beside a chair made of wire, there’s a ‘tingler’ lurking underneath.  I love the spooky night outside the window!


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