Overnight, Take 2

Beans1Those fabulous beans that grew like crazy overnight are no more.  We think Jack broke a part of our invisible fence (fishing line) running into the garden and the deer found their way in.  They must have enjoyed them a lot.  In related news, the bugs destroyed our pumpkin plants so no pumpkin for me this year.   Dang it.


SourwoodOur sourwood trees are just starting to bloom.  No clue if we’ll get any sourwood honey this year.  We didn’t get any last year and folks are asking for it at the market.  Our spring honey is selling like crazy.  Someone who bought a quart this morning at the farmer’s market  just called and asked me to set aside 2 more quarts for him next week.  I’d call that a satisfied customer!

A Good Problem To Have

Tom1We are swimming in tomatoes!  I spent yesterday canning and have plans to make a tomato apple chutney and another batch of a tomato based chicken wing hot sauce today.

And Then There Were Two

Hens Our three little red hens are down to two.  We found one missing yesterday morning.  I am blaming the raccoon we let go free last week.   If we catch it again, I’ll shoot it myself.  We spent the afternoon replacing the back wall of the chicken barn.  It needed to be done, just happened sooner than later.  Originally built as a horse barn, it used to have a 5 inch opening at the roofline and a few rotting spots near the dirt.  We repurposed our old deck boards to make it secure.  Thankfully, everyone was accounted for this morning.


Playing With Clay

BowlHere’s one of the recent pieces I made in our studio, aka the mobile home we bought next door.  It’s thrown on the wheel.  Brian mixed up the glazes, I got the effect by dipping the piece in oatmeal colored glaze then dripping blue down the side using an eyedropper.  I think it kind of looks like a peacock feather.  We’re so busy lately, we haven’t been able to do much with clay.  Right now we’re focused on honey, wiring our new deck for electricity, canning, brakes for my car, securing our chicken barn and we’re swimming in tomatoes!  Not a bad problem to have.

Farmer’s Breakfast

Farmer's BreakfastAs soon as our tomatoes start ripening, I bring them inside so the birds don’t get them.  Lots don’t make it into the house because they get into my tummy.  These are cherry tomatoes.  I’ve already roasted and frozen a few quarts for a taste of summer when it gets cold out.

That Didn’t Take Long


Coon2We caught our intruder.  He’s pretty cute.  After much debate, we decided to take him for a ride to the farthest part of our property, down by our stream.  We really wanted to take him further but it’s illegal in Virginia to make your nuisance animal problem someone else’s.   He reached out through the cage at me when I moved him to the Mule, which kind of freaked me out.  We rigged the release mechanism with a rope and stood on the back of the Mule in case he came out hostile.  He started up a tree at first, thought better about it, then swam away.  Who knew raccoons were such good swimmers?  We’re going to put the chicken food in a metal can overnight, at least until the barn gets better sealed.  There is always some large annoying project to do on the farm.


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