Out Front

SummerSummer comes running when she sees me enter the pasture, then proceeds to chew on my clothes and get in front of me wherever I am trying to walk while chatting her goatspeak to me nonstop.  Goats are sweet but can be annoying when they do their best to prevent you from getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.

Fresh Dug

3It’s garlic harvest time.  Now they need to be dried outside in a shady spot.  In about a month, they’ll be ready to bring inside for storage.  And roasting.

Sugar Snap Peas

4This is the last of them.  They are crispy and sweet.  I’ve used them raw in salads as well as in veggie stir fry.  I’m going to miss them.

Cookie Please

Every morning, BFiFi Gaterian does the big pasture chores (feeding goats, sheep and guardian dog) while I do the little pasture chores (milking and feeding the chickens).   As soon as FiFi has finished her breakfast, she comes to the gate looking for a dog biscuit from me.  We buy them by the case.  I never disappoint.


FoxgloveI was surprised to find this beautiful foxglove growing out beside the pile of chicken poop that I clean out from the little barn every morning.   These biennials are not native so it was deposited here by some unknown means.

‘X’ Marks The Spot

6This lamb has received some medication for intestinal parasites.  We want to check her again in a few days to make sure she’s improved.  We used an animal marking crayon so we’ll know which one to check.  It stays on quite a while but isn’t permanent.   We’ve got them in a few colors in case we need to mark for something different.  We didn’t even know these things existed a few years ago…

They Think They’re Getting Fed

7Nope.  It’s just into the feeding pen for a health check.  Brian looks like the Pied Piper of sheep.

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