LambiesThe lambs have found each other and stick together like glue.  We have another two since I got this photo (it’s been raining cats and dogs the last few days).  One of the new ones was abandoned by his mom so we’ve got them penned together and so far so good.  Every time we check on him he’s up and active so we’re assuming he’s able to nurse when we’re not hovering.  It’s hard not to hover.

Not This Year

TreeEvery year we leave our Christmas tree out by the jacuzzi so we can enjoy it out there all the way until Easter.  This is Jack’s first Christmas with us and when he first saw it out by the spa, he made a beeline to it and lifted his leg.  So much for that!  It was delivered straight to the pasture and the goats stripped it bare within a few hours.

Bloody Murder

KidWe now have kids to join our lambs.  This little doeling doesn’t like being picked up much.   😀

Pretty On The Inside

EggshellsAmericauna eggs are colored all the way through.  So pretty!  For some reason it always surprises me when I crack into one.  Our chickens have started full production laying again.  I think it’s the crazy weather.  It’s supposed to be in the 70’s here this weekend.  Omelet anyone?


SheepWe sure can grow some beautiful sheep!  I want this printed on canvas to hang over our couch.  I need to figure out how to do that!

One Piece At A Time

FemurJack has been exploring the 200 or so wooded acres behind our house these past few weeks, and has been bringing home long bones.  We assume it’s from a deer, but have decided if he finds a human skull he’s in big trouble.


Nellie1Nellie has provided Maya with a couple of lambies to play with.  Two little rams.  We’ll keep them in the nursing pen for 24 hours then they’ll be able to explore.

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