A Beauty

GH4Kohlrabi is one of the many vegetables we have growing in our greenhouse.  It’s often described as a broccoli apple.  Supposedly you can bake it, fry it, cook and mash it or eat it raw.  I’ve only ever had it raw, it’s so good that way.  It’s going on our Christmas eve menu.  I’m going to chop it up and serve it with a lemon vinegarette.

Greenhouse Citrus

GH2Our lemons are ready to pick (yay!).  This is our largest harvest so far.  Will we be serving lemonade over the holidays?  Nah.  These are going into lemon drop cocktails and lemon pound cake.  Tis the season!

Wide Load

WideI think Mina will be the first goat to kid this season.  Although I think that every season because she carries very wide.  We called her Octomom last year and she only had one.  Whatcha got in there, Mina?  Whatever it is, I’ll bet it’s cute!

Where’s The Cat?

Bindi ColdBindi discovered our t-shirt quilts and decided they’re a perfect napping spot.  Until Brian sat down.  Then his lap became the perfect napping spot.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

The girls loved our advent calendar when they were children.   Since they are off on their own, I made advent calendars for their homes this year.  Tracy and Brad received the zombie countdown calendar I posted a few months back.  Claire is a lover of all things Harry Potter so that’s the direction I went with hers.  Each drawer contains a candy treat and something to add to a little potions cabinet.  Click on the photos if you want to see them full screen.

Fun, If You’re A Dog

Mouser JackJack’s favorite pastime when left to entertain himself is searching for field mice in the pumpkin patch.   Followed by a dip in the pond.  I’ve never seen him catch one, I just think he saw one there once and wants to play with it.  He certainly keeps himself busy.

The Ladies

10Our sheep flock together when Jack’s in the pasture.   Safety in numbers.  They each have a distinct personality.  Someone jumped our locked gate this morning and walked our half mile driveway to ask if we sell our sheep.  Umm… no and didn’t you see the no trespassing sign?

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